ZGPAX S360 Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch: Advanced Mobile Experience

ZGPAX S360 Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch: Advanced Mobile Experience

Mobile technology should be able to support you no matter what your condition or activity. Sometimes, you need to get the right gear to reach this. If you have a nice mobile phone, you should consider enhance the experience with one more device. The following device give you ease on many ways.

Recently, Tvc-mall.com offers an excellent high tech watch called the ZGPAX S360 Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch, SOS Dial / Pedometer / Find Phone – Black. There are other options color as well, including pink rose case with red leather wrist band, and silver case and white leather wrist band. At glance, the watch looks almost like other common watches. It comes in elegant round shape with very stylish look. The material is all the best, providing durability and endurance for even active users. However, the main attraction is not on the look only. This watch enhance your mobile tech experience in the most amusing way.

This isn’t an ordinary watch but a Bluetooth watch that has been released in April 2015. The watch features capacitive screen in 1.22 inch dimension in the place of the watch. This watch is also empowered by a MTK2502 of CPU providing 260M speed to process task. ROM Flash provided is 128 MB. It is completed with G Sensor and 350 mAh battery. For data transfer, user only needs to connect the BLE 4.0 Bluetooth facility or connect the Micro USB v2.0 to other device. The amusing part is the watch is built compatible to iOS and Android operation system.

With a remote camera attach on the screen, users are allowed to taking selfie or group photo using the watch. When you sync it on Bluetooth, you will be able to make and receive a call that comes out and in of your mobile phone. This should be excellent when you are driving. This synchronization should also allow you to get notified when you get any SMS, and WeChat and Skype messages. It is also completed with function to make an SOS call during emergency situation which is nice for people who like the outdoors. The pedometer makes the watch perfect companion during exercises and the alarm should be beneficial for active travelers. When lift your hands up a bit, the screen will have the light on so you can clearly see the screen easily even during the night. In addition to it, you can customize your clock mode as you please it.

This smart Bluetooth 4.0 watch is currently offered in $50.17 price per item. This price is extremely cheap for such a device. Considering how it gives you freedom and safety while making mobile connection, nothing should stop us from buying it.

In sum, this watch is an amazing thing to have to empower your mobile phone supports. It should extend practical access on your mobile connection and it prevents you from impractical and impossible movement. If you are a busy person who appreciate technology support, this watch should be in your shopping cart.

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