What Steps Can You Take To Improve PR Measurement Tools?

What Steps Can You Take To Improve PR Measurement Tools?

You need to be precise and know who needs to be targeted, how they need to be targeted, who is buying and on what channel. Every campaign which is done needs to have this information. Once you are able to see the proof of your work through the difference which is seen in the data, it gives you a thrill like no other. Here are simple ways how you can improve your PR Measurement tools.

  • a) You should set up a summary table as well as you should take in key metrics monthly using Google analytics. With this, you will know which of your pages are drawing people and how you can go about improving your website.
  • b) You should look as to what gave you the best results of your campaign. It could be Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter. You need to then evaluate as to why that got the best results and how you can further leverage on it.
  • c) You need to see if the right pages are there on the website which will help you get the results as well as will help you to measure your quality. This could be done perhaps by asking people to sign up and in exchange they will receive something, or it will give them some benefit or the other.
  • d) You need to be able to challenge whatever you feel is incorrect in the data that the agency is giving you. You need to ask for clarifications of all that you don’t understand, and you should ask them to explain how they interpret what is working. Whatever is done needs to be completely transparent and crystal clear? Else there is a lot that can be swept under the rug and the result will be a weak campaign.
  • e) When you are going through the summary which is providedby Google Analytics, you need to find out what is it that has been put out, what is the new content and what are the new advertisements. You should also question yourself as to what is it that is driving people to your site or to your brand.
  • f) Then you should do a reality check and see whether you have achieved what you had envisioned in the start. If it was, how did you achieve it? If you did not, why is it that you were unable to achieve it? You should be able to answer questions like – what can you do differently and what are the most valuable and the least valuable components? You should ask questions as to what will make the campaign better or how you will be able to improve even further.

Most importantly, the team should also share your views as to how this PR campaign has run. They should be able to voice their opinions of it and what they feel about it and how they would like to do it the next time around.


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