Web hosting 101: A beginners guide

Web hosting 101: A beginners guide

So you’re ready to start your own website? Below mentioned are couple of pointers that you must keep in mind before you start off !

Figure out how does this concept of “web hosting” works

In order to make sure that your website is accessible to anyone at anytime, you need to host it via a dedicated web host, as in : a web server provided to you on lease by a web hosting company.

Additionally, for your visitors to effectively access your site by name, you will need a domain name, for example, “xyzdomain.com”. This will permit to make your site accessible at “www.xyzdomain.com” yet at the same timeit will permit you to utilize email addresses sounding something like “your.name@xyzdomain.com”.

Web-hostingMost hosting organizations offer a package including a domain name when you sign up for a hosting plan for your site. Along these lines, in case you’re simply beginning, it is for the most part a smart thought to get both your domain and you’re hosting in one single sign up with a dedicated web hosting company.

Figure out what sort of website do you need ?

Lets take an example to understand the above mentioned question. Consider your smartphone for a moment. You can enter notes into the pre-loaded apps such as One Note by Microsoft, however you can always download new apps on your phone for the same need(for instance Microsoft Office). It’s imperative to understand that when you have a website, you can always set up some essential data by using some fundamental tools, however you also make use of much effective applications.

Nevertheless, this complete process of understand what sort of website is ideal for a user fundamentally boils down to 2 sorts of web sites:

  • Static sites: In this case, you will develop one or more web pages (HTML pages) with softwares like DreamWeaver on your computer. Thereafter you will have to upload the pages on your host’s server by using a File Transfer Protocol softwares.
  • Every time you feel like changing something on your site, you would need to edit the pages on your computer and upload them yet again. The website will never show any signs of change independent from anyone else. That is the reason it’s known as a “static” site.

#Point to be noted: If you don’t have any such software, don’t stress. Many web hosts will also provide you with a free “site builder” software to give you the adequate kickstart you seek..

  • Dynamic sites: As opposed to uploading HTML pages , you will introduce a bit of software (called a web application) on your web server. This software will give you a chance to include and edit various features of your website such as the content, images etc whenever you want to without the need for any extraordinary tools on your computer. The software might as well permit your visitors to leave comments or begin discussions  provided you let them.

This is the just the introduction to an open field- The World Wide Web.

Once you get hooked up, you will definitely get to know so many things about how to use the internet to the fullest that you might as well become the next big thing anytime soon !It’s all an amalgam of creativity,skills,confidence and passion ! Get ready for hosting your site like the professionals do.

Ora J. Bass

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