Transform Your Social Connections into A Pool of Skill & Talent With Felp

Transform Your Social Connections into A Pool of Skill & Talent With Felp

Are you aware of the talent or skills of your friends, family or acquaintances present in your social network, on the other side do your connections have any idea about the potentials that you hold? Well, now you have a medium to unlock the skill and talent in your social network linked connections and that medium is the one and only skill & talent discovery app Felp. The app works with an incredible concept, where you can transform your social connections into a pool of different skills and talent.

This skill can be almost anything ranging from doctors, marketers, web developers, affiliate marketer graphic designers till photographers, carpenters, interior designer, engineers, actors, wedding planner, hair stylist, programmers, teachers, journalist, lawyers, makeup artist, chef, fashion models  and so on. However, the type of skill that you will be able to find depends upon the connections that you have established at various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Understanding the True Worth of Social Networking

Flep-appGone are those days when networking sites where just used to discuss ideas, thoughts or share opinions with friends, beloved ones or acquaintances; as now you can unleash its true worth by giving a boost to your professional career. But, how can this happen, in what ways can Felp help in enhancing your career? By, using Felp you can work in both ways- discover real talent and be discovered by potential clients. Both the ways are equally important for creating a portentous career.

These aspects can be well explained by the following examples- let’s say that you are looking for a talented wedding planner for your special day and are running with a strict budget. You have searched almost everywhere but no one seems to convince you then is where Felp can be your helping hand, allowing you to explore remarkable wedding planner right from your social connections, those people who understand you really well and thus can provide everything as per your requirements.

Similarly, if you are a wedding planner and are open for projects then you can have your profile on Felp and be noticed by other potential members of your social network, this would improve the productivity of your business and at the same help you dwell professional relations with your near and dear ones whom you know from many years.

Use Felp and Start Building Your Social Network

Since using Felp is simple, you can invite over your friends, families and other individuals so that they can actively participate and witness their social network transforming into a pool of talent and skills. Spread the word, and let others know what you are good at, or those qualities in which you specialize, who knows your talent can be beneficial for your friends or their skill can turn out to be a lifesaver for you.

Make your move towards networking the Ziad Ghosn way with Felp. This app is absolutely free and supports major iOS devices.

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