Torguard Launches New Optimized Vpn Servers In Asia

Torguard Launches New Optimized Vpn Servers In Asia

Are you a resident of one of the Asian countries like China, where almost every other website is blocked by government?

If so, then this article is just written to make you happy. With this post, we wish to inform you about the launch of the new and Optimized Stealth VPN servers launched specifically for growingimage 1 user base in Asia.

What is a VPN Service?

It changes the way you access internet in a major way. VPN services are needed when you need to do the following:-

  • Hide your true IP address
  • Send Encrypted Emails
  • Access Blocked and restricted Websites

But VPN service users from countries like China, Taiwan, and even Japan are usually facing a high latency assessing these VPN features. With TorGuard’s new and optimized VPN servers, this problem is no longer the case.

TorGuard VPN service packages

The below pictures, tells us all the awesome service packages offered by TorGuard VPN:-

VPN service packages

The above mentioned VPN service packages, are offered at a really reasonable price with great customer support. TorGuard works on a ticket resolution based system for customer support. This help easy resolution of queries within defined timeline. TorGuard also offer live chat customer support on their official website.

How To Use these Servers?

In order to use these optimized servers, you need to first get a TorGuard service subscription and generate a username and password for yourself. Since there is usually a high demand of Asian users to connect to a server in USA (to avail offers available to US residents), TorGuard has installed special network to meet such demands. These Asian VPN servers are highly optimized and are coupled with ideal routing paths. This enables TorGuard to provide the fastest possible internet speed in the USA. TorGuard has now got a hold of multiple route paths to connect to ISPs:

China Telecom

China Unicom

And Taiwan’s HiNet.

Taiwan’s HiNet, provides the VPN users of these areas a fast internet connectivity.

In order to use these new and optimized servers, select “Asia Optimized” USA VPN location from the server drop down menu of the TorGuard VPN client. The above mentioned option is supported in Windows, Mac, and Android VPN client. These optimized servers have Stealth obfuscation feature to ensure that the VPN tunnel is not throttled, blocked or sniffed out by strict firewalls.

This optimization of VPN servers shows TorGuard’s commitment towards its client base in Asia. TorGuard plans to continue to invest in its VPN software and network routes to cutting edge  VPN service anywhere in Asia, even beyond the great limitations set by government of China and other countries. So if you are a citizen of an Asian country, who is now frustrated with the inability to access some wonderful websites, then here is your chance to unblock all the websites on the internet with a single click. Get TorGarud VPN service for you now and get the freedom you have always wanted.

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