Top the Search Engine Results Through a Link-Building Plan!

Top the Search Engine Results Through a Link-Building Plan!

Since you have lost your website’s page ranking after new update of Google algorithms, the 11 Steps to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2015 can help you with the same. Here, I am going to explain about few of the steps that can help you to gain your website’s ranking back.

Choose Your Top 10 Keywords: First of all you are expected to do a competitive research to find the most useful keywords for your website. List out the top 10 keywords and find out the cost using Free SEO Cost Calculator Tool. The tool will help you find out how links you need to outrank your competitor and how much it will cost. By choosing the right niche and right keywords for your website, you can save thousands of dollars as the differences between the prices of different keywords are huge and a thorough research can help you with the same. For example, it may cost you $10,000 for a popular keyword in your right niche, but it may cost $100 for a similar long-tail keyword.

Make A Detailed Link-Building Plan: It is said that a good beginning is half done and a good plan has 50% contribution in the success of a business. To get your website’s ranking back, you are expected to make a detailed link build plan for the same. There are a number of business owners wondering for the tips and tricks on how their websites can get a high page ranking on search engines but they aren’t able to find out the solution kept in front of their eyes. Yes, there is a free tool on internet that helps with preparing a detailed link-building plan and it is none other than Free SEO Cost Calculator Tool. Yes, the above named not only helps with calculating the cost of your top 10 keywords but also provides you a detailed link-building plan that you can follow on  a weekly basis to top the results on search engine’s result page.

Build Links Slowly & Steadily: Backlinks are a very acceptable Google rank increaser, deciding the worth of a blog and a website in the eyes of the search engine. Also, if your website gets a backlink from a site that is well-read and has a high reputation, it makes your site trust-worthy as well. The visitors of that particular website would also like to visit your website, leading to a higher traffic on your website and ultimately resulting into an increase in your website. Once you are done with the detailed link building plan, you can work on getting backlinks from the relevant and reputed websites. But the link-building job should be done slowly and steadily (not more than five links in a day) so that it looks natural to the search engine. You may never know Google ranks a website but you can easily know how Google tracks fake traffic. If a website had no backlinks a day before and has got dozens of backlink in single day, it looks suspicious to Google and Google considers it as fake traffic that may lead to a drop in rank of a website or further punishments. Also, you should insure that the content on the websites you are getting link from contains the high quality content that exists nowhere on the internet.


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