Top 5 Ways to Earn Passive Income!

Top 5 Ways to Earn Passive Income!

Passive income or the income that you get sitting on your sofa with a glass of mojiti in hand actually refers to the money earned through rental income or through a business or stock in which you did not have any active participation. Listening to the very idea of earning money by doing nothing appeals many. But my dear friend all that glitters is not gold. You may not be working right at the upfront of the activity but you will definitely need to give your quality input at some point of time to earn passive income.

Get passive income by loyalty of books and CD!

Isn’t it a great idea that you write a book or create ebook, CD or DVD; take its loyalties and then sit back and relax while you earn money as it get sold in the market. But you should not forget that book or CD has to be created by you at the very first place and secondly it should be good enough to be noticed, talked and considered by potential customers. People will not buy any garbage thrown to them and you have to create something qualitative to earn passive income.

Earn income through product promotion!

Crisis-Public-RelationsProduct promotion also known as affiliate marketing is a very good means of generation of passive income. In this all you need to is include a link of some product or service in your website or blog. When a reader clicks on the link and make a purchase for that product or service you can earn commission from the business owner.

Rental Income!

One of the most common ways of earning passive income is through rental income. Initial investments done on land, buildings or houses can fetch you fair amount of rental income. Rental income is directly proportional to the number of properties and the kind of properties you have made investment in. It is a regular source of fixed passive income for many people. Many people also make provisions for rental income as their retirement plan.

Personal loan lending!

Another very common way of earning passive income is by giving personal loans to individual in return of interest paid by them on monthly basis. Since this kind of loan is not very secured that is why risk of losing the principal amount is quite high. In such cases it is advisable to divide the amount for lending. Give small loans to large number of people instead of giving a large sum to less number of people. Interest earned by the loans is a very good means of earning passive income.

Investment in stocks!

Stock market is one of the hot favourite ways of earning passive income by many people. They invest in the promising stocks in various indices and earn good amount of profit by selling the stocks at an increased price. Apart from that people can also earn passive income through dividend paid by investment in stocks of the companies.


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