Three Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Three Reasons to Install a Home Security System

It goes without saying that installing a home security system may cost you a fortune. But, absence of a security system can cost you dearly both moneywise and also for the lives of your family members.

God forbid, if your house is intruded in your absence, lives and property will be on stake. Thus, it would be a wise idea to get a security system installed.

If you are wondering what a home security system can do for you, here is a low-down.

Protection from intruders

It is the biggest reason that can compel you to get one installed shortly. According to a research, a house with no security system is 3 times more likely to be burglarised, even during daytime. It indicates that the mere presence of house alarm systems is enough to ensure safety of home and its occupants.

If an abode is intruded, the alarm system dispatches warning signal to local authorities so they come into action and take necessary steps. You can take the services of home security from Coles Burglar Alarms.

Protection from fires

While many homeowners in Australia emphasize on using smoke alarms in case of fire outbreak, a home security system ensures a complete protection. The house alarm systems integrated with advanced fire detection features to not only warn occupants about the fire outbreak but also send information to the concentred authorities. In this manner, occupants get enough time to escape.

Protection from carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas found in combustion fumes. This gas is released from burning wood, charcoal, heating systems and stoves. If its presence is high inside a home it can take a toll on the health of the occupants. The occupants easily get attacked by carbon monoxide poisoning, as it is undetectable by the human senses.

Carbon monoxide poisoning could be the reason for headache, dizziness, vomiting, chest pain, nausea and confusion. In some cases, it could result in death as well.

House alarm systems come with a feature of detecting high amount of carbon monoxide inside your home and warn occupants about it so they can take necessary steps to save their lives.

Greg Kirkham(CEO)

Greg Kirkham(CEO)  providing security solutions service to Sydney for over 64 years. Having been established in 1946 Coles Burglar Alarm systems was the second security firm to service Sydney for both home and commercial security needs.


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