The End of Home Security System

The End of Home Security System

The days of the traditional home security systems are numbered. Just like it happened to Blockbuster and MySpace, new products and services are revolutionizing the way we do things. New technology today can give us a much broader and useful way to protect our property and at the same time make our lives much easier. Traditional companies such as ADT Home Security will have to either change their business model or they will have the same fate Blockbuster had.

The reason is simple: sensors in our homes can perform many more functions than just alert us in cases of break-ins and intrusions. New smart sensors and systems integrate with other equipment that can help us automate our homes and conserve energy. The same goes for the monitoring services. Whereas in traditional home security, monitoring means operators standing by to receive break-in alerts and call the authorities, modern monitoring means sophisticated apps that not only alert you in case of emergencies, but allow you to control and manage many aspects of the house. And yes, they will also alert you if there is a break-in.

Take for instance systems that are based on the home security and home automation. These systems use sensors to also tell your a/c unit to shut off if doors and windows are left open for too long. Your a/c can also go into energy saving mode every time the alarm system is armed. System can also integrate with smart door locks so that your exterior lights are turned on every time you unlock the front door. You can do the same thing with the garage door.

Sensors can also tell you when people went onto your home, which rooms they entered, even when the alarm system is not armed. You can also integrate smoke and flood detectors to your system, and be notified of emergencies even when you are not at home.

Even though it all sounds a little complicated and a little confusing, most of based systems are DIY wireless systems that are very easy to configure and use. In fact, it is much easier and less expensive to install than all traditional wired home security systems. If you do have a traditional system you can still use your installed wired sensors with most modern home automation systems when you use a wired to wireless Z-Wave converter.

If you only have a traditional home security system, you are missing many cool features that technology can offer at very affordable prices. Stop driving to Blockbuster to get your protection and embrace the new age in home automation. It will make your life more comfortable and will save you money in energy costs.


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