The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

                Owning a business, whether the business is small scale or humungous, indicates that you have to keep your target market updated about your products, services and offers. One way of keeping your customers in the loop is to provide them a website that promotes your brand. Through your website, they can read details about your company and your products as well as directly purchase items or services that they want to avail.

                Because you need a website, you also need a server that can provide you the quality of work that you want in order to maintain your market. Whatever the server is, it will host your website so that people can find your brand and your company online. Despite the variety of hosting servers, many business owners nowadays use Dedicated Servers for their websites because according them, Dedicated Servers are quite advantageous. But before you jump the bandwagon though, it would be better if you learn more about the advantages and the disadvantages of using Dedicated Servers. Then afterwards, you can make your decision.


The Advantages of a Dedicated Server or a Dedicated Server Hosting

  • It has great performance. Dedicated servers have great performance and power mainly because as a business owner, you are the only server user and the system only supports your website. Hence, CPU memory, bandwidths and several other elements that are relevant to web hosting are all available for you and you could maximize them to your advantage.
  • It has great speed. Naturally, because you are the only user of the server, downloading of pages and uploading of data would also be faster compared to when you use other hosting services.
  • It is reliable. With great performance and great speed comes great reliability. Because all the resources in the server are yours, your website will also have increased uptime and decreased downtime.


  • It allows for safe data storage. When you use shared hosting, when something goes wrong in the data centre, your own data would also be affected. If one site crashes, there is a possibility that your website will also crash. This however is not true to dedicated servers. Even when there is fluctuation in data storage capacity of other servers, this will not affect your own. With regards to a physical context, providers of dedicated servers would also make sure that your own server is housed somewhere where the temperature can be regulated and moisture is controlled. This further gives you safer data storage so that your mind could be at ease. These hosting providers also have access to the right people who could help keep your data safe.
  • It allows for administrative access and control. Again, the fact that you have total access and control over your server’s resources would help you determine what is going on and what should be done. Hence, if you feel that it is essential to customize some applications and software, you can execute your plan. If you notice possible risks and other factors that may pose potential danger to the system and to your data, you could do something about them before it becomes too late. If you plan to maintain the server somewhere, you can hire your team of engineers, analysts and computer guys who can manage the server to your liking.

The Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers.

  • It is not cost-effective. Dedicated Servers can cost a lot on your part as a business owner because you would have to shoulder all the expenses that come with them. Aside from maintenance fee, if something really goes wrong with your system, you could be shelling out a larger amount of money just to fix it. For Shared Hosting, all expenses are divided among all server users.
  • It can be tricky. Unless you are also a genius in the computer and web hosting industry, maintaining a Dedicated Server on your own can be effortful and tedious. It can take a lot of your time trying to understand it. Of course you can always avail of a Dedicated Server Hosting But even this can be tricky because then you would not own the actual server, you would only own the data you put on it.
  • It may not have features present in Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting have free scripts and other components for site building. For some strange reason, these are not available for Dedicated Servers. Hence, you would need extensive site building knowledge if you plan to use Dedicated Servers.



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