TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer Connected

The Swiss have been known for their spectacular watches for some time. People with Swiss watches love to show off the detailed craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. Well, now Swiss watches are coming into the 21st century. Swiss watch creators have teamed with Google and Intel to create the new version of the popular smart watch. This version adds an aspect of luxury and style to the already luxurious idea of a smart watch. The lux Swiss design is combined with Android software and Intel technology to bring consumers a new smartwatch that no longer makes you choose technology over classic style.


Meet the TAG Heuer Smartwatch. This watch not only has immense style, but it has the technology of a smartwatch, as well. You might need to rely on a computer network support company with such an advanced smartwatch. The watch actually connects the past to the future with its classic design. The style of the watch is based off of Tag’s Carrera from 1963.


The watch has 4G of storage for apps and other media. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and has numerous fitness tracking features as well, including a heart rate monitor. The watch offers a minimum of 25 hours battery life and USB dock. Its dimensions are 46.2mm wide and 12.8mm thick. Grade 2 titanium makes the case and lugs. Other watches may be less, but they do not look anywhere near as classy and attractive as the TAG Heuer Smartwatch.

The TAG Heuer Smartwatch offers the consumer an option to update the watch in a couple years. There is an option of upgrading to a future Tag watch with a cost.

Exclusive Apps

The watch works with both Apple smart phones and Android smart phones, even though it uses Android software. The smartwatch is compatible with many Android applications. Aside from the Android apps, Tag has four exclusive apps, which are mostly sport focused, that are free with the watch – Insiders, Viwerangers, GolfShot Pro, RaceChono Pro.


Nowadays, technology is more stylish. Accessories now have a technological component. Technological accessories can be stylish and suave. Tag Heuer classic smartwatch is now available for about $1,500

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