Should You Start a Blog in 2015?

Should You Start a Blog in 2015?

Few weeks remain before we welcome the New Year. Many among us must be planning to launch a new blog, right? We will have great expectations with it.

But, I hate to be a spoil sport but should you really start a blog in 2015?

I think you should ponder over these points before taking a decision.

1) PageRank Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

In my last 3-4 years as a blogger, I have noticed that almost 90% of people start a blog with the intention to increase PR and earn money off sponsored content.

Should you start a blog in 2015

If you’re thinking the same, assuming that maybe Google will rethink their strategy and start PR updates again, you might be proved wrong in the end.

It is possible for Google to rethink about PR but the chances of doing that looks very slim!

If you want to start a blog basing PR as its prosperity meter, you need to rethink, starting NOW.

2) AdSense is Cruel.

Another motivation to start a blog is to monetize it with Google AdSense. Truly, AdSense has been a money-making machine close to a decade and it still works, but the chances of getting a new blog AdSense-approved and earning money doesn’t look too bright.

Why? This is because AdSense has become stricter in approvals and unless your new blog gets an insane amount of traffic, forget earning anything with AdSense.

3) Niche Stagnancy.

What do you want to blog about? Almost every possible niche has already been covered by bloggers out there.

Unless you’re able to discover an entirely new or unexplored niche, you’ll be blogging about something that other bloggers are already writing about. Unless you’re able to give a new twist to any explored niche, it will be tough to generate any interest, long-term audience and compete with niche influencers.

4) Authority Troubles.

Again, authority and niche influencers exist in almost every field. Where do you stand? I am not dissuading you from competition. Compete, by all means, but do you have the resources and time to devote in establishing a killer blog?

Most of them will say ‘No’. What’s the use then?

5) No Guidance.

‘Blogging gives money’ is what every new blogger thinks. Every other person joins this field after learning that all you have to create a blog and add some content and earn money.

Come on, are you serious?

Blogging is so much more than this. Blogging is an influencing tool. Brands target bloggers for exposure because of their immense market reach.

Unless you’ve proper guidance of blog and blogging, it is best not to venture into uncharted lands because you’re not ready.

Should You Start a Blog in 2015?

If any of the above reasons rings true as your reason to start a blog, I would strongly advise to rethink.

Adler Moris

Being a married person I love my wife the most and then my work :). Being news writer I always remain in contact with top bloggers and remain updated with latest trends in market. Checkout my FB, Google+ and Twitter to be updated with latest technology trends.

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