Sharing Details about Completed Projects and Works in Progress Through Social Media

Sharing Details about Completed Projects and Works in Progress Through Social Media

As an international business owner, you may have a wealth of information that you want to share with your employees and shareholders. While you could post all of this information on your company’s website or send it out in a mass email, you may want a simpler and more convenient way to post all of the updated information that you have available. Rather than send out wordy blog posts or emails, you can instead share these important details by creating a social media page that can be accessed by others who belong to social networking site. People who follow pages like the shahram shirkhani profile can stay updated about works in progress and completed projects without having to search and browse several different webpages.

When you set up your social media pages, you can separate your news into two categories: Projects and WIP. Under the Projects tab, you can post pictures about projects that have been completed or projects that you would like to take on with your business. When your followers click on the pictures, they can read in-depth descriptions that you provide about these projects. Under the WIP tab, you can post pictures of works in progress. Again, people can click on the photos to read your explanations of how these projects are going and when you expect them to be completed.

An important part of building your profile involves providing a detailed description about yourself. Your personal profile will be displayed on the left side of the page and should contain basic details like your name and title within the company. You can provide your location and also upload a profile picture to your account. Under the About section of your profile, you can provide a more detailed description about yourself. You can include facts about your educational and work training. You also can share facts about any professional or academic positions who hold in your hometown or country. People who follow your social media page will be able to see your personalized description of yourself.

Your profile on this page will also have social media plugins that people can click on and share on websites like Facebook and Twitter. When your followers share your profile or your social media page’s content, you can earn a higher search engine ranking. When your profile is ranked higher, you can gain more followers and also get more people to notice your qualifications. Because your personal or professional success can depend on how well you garner attraction from followers and prospective clients, you may do well to keep your profile updated regularly.

When people join this network to connect with you, they have the option to message you directly. For example, if a shareholder wants to know more about one of your WIPs, this person can join the site and use the messaging option to contact you. Likewise, you can message people whom you follow. When you respond directly to people who message you, you help them become more familiar with you and your company.

Sharing a wealth of information can be a challenge if you relegate your options to blog or website posts. You can share more with followers by creating a social media profile page online.


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