Online Reputation Millennials Guide

Online Reputation Millennials Guide

Millennials care about online reputation management in a different way. They understand the power of personal branding. They are less concerned with privacy and status and more concerned with meaning, identity, self-expression and ethics of your personal branding. What do we mean by this?

Millennials will search your company and the people behind your brand. So it’s not enough to secure social media branding for your company, you will have to think about your company influences. Does your company have authentic branding that appeals to Millennials? Is the copy on your landing pages fresh and proactive or is it sales-speak that would work better on another generation? Does your website have any video testimonials, “about us” clips or mobile friendly content? In addition, how Millennials search you is different. They won’t just Google you.

Top Millennial Channels for Personal branding:



1- As a Millennial, video content is the most direct way of knowing a person, so when they Google the CEO or another influencer of your company, they will  want to know if they have videos so they can get a feel for their manner, branding and message. They will check YouTube then as one of their first searches.


2- However, this video content can take different forms, the most personal social media channel for personal branding is Instagram, so if you don’t have a transparent and accessible profile there (ideally with a link to Snapchat), they may not respect or be able to clue in on your personal brand. Millennials crave to see the person behind the role, they want to see a bit of the real you. They are less likely to look at your LinkedIn job history and your professional accomplishments.


3- Millennials want meta-information in the most expedient way possible, as such the trending landing page for personal branding is, this allows a searcher to see all of your links in one view and follow them one after the other without having to search for them. Anybody who works with the public or who has an online reputation to brand, should be on and manage it professionally.


4- Millennials want to see if you maintain an authentic presence online, this is best done via interactions. To see your daily and micro interactions, a Millennial will scan your Twitter. Is it active? Do you actually communicate with real people? Do the tweets appear automated or does it have some life, some polls, some hashtags, some curating of quality content? In 30 seconds, they can tell if you take your online presence and branding seriously.


5-  Millennials want you to be accessible, and actually respond to requests for more information. Do you have a Snapchat? Are you on SMS apps? Are you available to Skype or on Google hangouts? It’s important to be available to requests and to be open, because that’s how Millennials are. If you are getting more clients under 35, you might want to optimize these channels.


6- One last thing about Millennials, they are curious about visual content. They may search for you but in images as well. Make sure your images that appear in Google search for images, are your most flattering ones, think about branding and the kind of image you want to show of yourself. If there are images that you do not feel are appropriate coming up on the first page, consider services that can remove images from Google. If your Facebook page is public, make sure the images are of the highest quality.

Reverse SEO

Finally, it’s not enough to optimize branding online for Millennial searches, if content appears on the first 2 pages of Google that is not favorable, you will need to be pro-active about managing your online reputation with the help of internet reputation management services and Reverse SEO.


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