Motivating a Team with Jack Rochel

Motivating a Team with Jack Rochel

Jack Rochel is the president at Epsilon Electronics Inc., a company named located in Montebello, California. With his 18 years of experience at Epsilon, Jack knows that at times it can be hard to motivate a team. He would like to share some tips to keep a team motivated based on his experiences and what he has found works best.

Jack Rochel’s first tip is to compliment your workers. The business needs it’s employees to survive, so it is important to show them you appreciate the work they do. Jack believes giving small compliments to his employees encourages keeping up their good work. It shows them that they are important to the business.

“Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways”   -Bob Nelson

Jack Rochel’s second suggestion is to give tasks based on the skills and interests of your employees. Assigning tasks based on skills and interests makes it a better experience for the employee. The employees will be able to stay motivated if they enjoy their work.


Jack’s next tip is to provide personalized rewards for good performance from employees. Each individual has different wants and needs. Jack Rochel believes in making employee rewards more personalized to fit their needs. Giving an award the employee does not need or won’t have any benefit to the company. A personalized award will have the most effect since the employee will feel valued.

Jack Rochel’s last piece of advice is to set clear goals for the team and acknowledging progress in achieving these goals. It’s not likely that a team will stay motivated if they don’t have a timeline or clear goals to follow. Jack shows recognition to his team when goals are obtained to keep them driven and motivated.

About Epsilon Electronics Inc

Epsilon Electronics Inc owns six companies within the automotive audio industry. Their products are manufactured in the United States and sold internationally. They are innovators in their industry, with 13 crucial patents in audio technology.

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