Mobile Web Design Fundamentals [Infographic]

Mobile Web Design Fundamentals [Infographic]

When designing for a mobile platform, it’s important to consider a wide array of factors that are specific to this unique space. While components such as size, layout, simplicity and orientation all play a role, the overarching theme to keep in mind is that you want the website to be optimized for navigation on a mobile device. Regarding imagery, it’s best to keep the visuals simple and avoid text on the illustrations. This is important because it can decrease the image quality overall and possibly slow down the loading of your site. Additionally, make sure your layout is suitable for the mobile device. Be cognizant of providing adequate space and legible font on mobile, and beware of customized dropdowns that can only be accessed via desktop. Responsive design is an easy way to help a website adapt its visuals to the specific screen size it is being accessed on, whether it be mobile phone, tablet, small desktop/laptop or widescreen desktop monitor. Check out this infographic to learn more about how to best design your site for mobile users.

Mobile Websites 101
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