Maintaining Your Digital Image

Maintaining Your Digital Image

In the age of social media and social networking, a person’s digital image and digital hygiene means more now than ever. Employers look at a prospective employees social profile online and company’s reputations can be built on what search engines produce. Information that is negative can hurt someone’s ability to make money or even get a job. Online reputation management is crucial in making sure that any person or company doesn’t fall prey to bad press or misinformation on the web and that they are portrayed in the best light.

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Prevention and maintenance can help with an online image. Making sure that information is private or not available does help. Databrokers, like PeopleSmart, keep and store a person’s personal information. It is helpful to request it to be removed but that may take time. Also, checking privacy settings and changing passwords regularly can help. Being proactive can always help.

Companies need to make also be proactive in their approach to online images. They need to make sure that there is positive media out there about their company, so that way when problems do arise, there is something positive about the company. Being proactive and maintaining a good online image will help companies keep a good reputation in the long run.

Being proactive is not always enough, sometimes companies and individuals need to employ the services of a reputation management company to help them. Managing an online reputation can cost a company money and a person a potential job. These type of reputations are worthwhile in investing in and finding the right software or company can be costly. Research can take time to see what software or firm offers what.

A site like advertise services to fit the company’s or individuals needs and takes the guesswork out of research. This site hosts service sites, so that consumers can be educated about what is available to them. They do not allow reviews since they can not be verified as a real customer or a competitor, and the companies listed do not pay for their services to be advertised. The site wants the companies to list their services in a reputable way.

The homepage lists the different sites and the services each one provides. It makes it easy for the company to be seen and the customer to become educated in online reputation management. The site simply allows the customers to choose the site that fits their needs and budget. For those who need to receive more education in what ORM really is, the site also has a blog and an FAQ to help any questions about the services provided. For those who need to understand what ORM is and what they need, this site provides a one stop shop for all a person or company’s ORM needs.

With more social networks popping up and more media saturation, ORM services are going to be in high demand for years to come. The site gives consumers the education and upfront research about services offered to help make sure consumers are knowledgeable about what they need.

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