Know the Google’s Quality Criteria to Get a High Traffic

Know the Google’s Quality Criteria to Get a High Traffic

Tom has created a website to provide useful beauty tips to the people and sell the cosmetic products for the same but he is totally clueless on why he can’t see any visitor on his website. He knows that his all the labor will go in vain and he won’t be able to earn a single buck until he gets a good traffic of visitors on his website. But getting a high traffic isn’t an easy task as he needs to invest a lot of time and energy to get it right. Along with posting unique and high quality content, he also needs to know the ins and outs of Links Management. If you are also looking for the ways to attract a high traffic on your blog or website, I and here to help you understand the Google’s quality criteria.

Avoid Copied Content:

In order to attract a high traffic on your website, your website should top the results of the search engine and reflect as a top result on the SERP that means search engine result page. To provide a particular ranking to a particular website, Google has set some algorithms to follow. Content that is copied from other reputed or well ranked sites is a big ‘NO’ as it may harm the reputation of your site, instead of a gain. You should avoid copying the content from other sites and even if you have to do that, make sure that the content is not posted your site as it on some others site or sites. Modify the content in order to go with the taste of the readers of your site. Also, try to add fresh data, opinion and views to insure a high page ranking in Google.

High-Quality Backlinks:

Since the starting of the year, Google has turned its attention towards the guest-posting, it means now quality backlinks are very important. If you are making a guest-post or contextual link on a website to get backlink to your own site, Google wants to insure that visitors reading your post should get some helpful information deciding the worth of your website. If the backlinks made by you are useful and provide substantial value to the readers, then ranking of your site is sure to go up.

Syndicate Your Content:

Another way to get a high traffic is to syndicate your own content with the blogs that are well-read and the publishers that are well-known. If your content is informative and useful for readers, it will compel them visit your website through the backlink you leave on your content; resulting into a higher traffic on your website. However, if your site contains the content copied from other websites, your site may be labeled as a content copycat and also punished by the search engines, which may include a drop in the page ranking of your site or a life-time ban as well.

Run An Affiliate Program:

  You can also run an affiliate program to attract a higher traffic on your blog or website. It’s a very much acceptable way for Google but you should make sure that the affiliate sites don’t contain the content and info just as your website. Affiliate programs are not only good for  additional traffic but also bring some valuable backlinks which helps in getting organic ranks. Along with comments and product descriptions, if an original review is also posted by the blog owner, it greatly helps to convince the visitors as well as Googlebot, the search engine’s own crawler.


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