How to Protect your Privacy on Smart Phones

How to Protect your Privacy on Smart Phones

Mobile apps have made our lives simpler. We can check weather, shop online, search for directions to a particular destination, and many other convenient tasks while we are on the move. But, have you ever thought about the safety of accessing utility apps on your mobile device.

Your smart phone is an important accessory in the fast pace of modern life. Hence, you must take essential steps to protect the privacy of the data stored or accessed through your Smartphone. Several apps are available to avoid data theft and provide secure browsing activities on your smart phone.

Privacy threats

mobile, laptop, onlineVarious forms of privacy threats related to your smart phone include:

  • Tracking your browsing activities over the Internet
  • Snooping into your list of contacts
  • Making anonymous calls using your number
  • Identify your current location
  • Gain unauthorized access to your private files
  • Trace your phone number as well as the ID number of your mobile device – iPhone (Unique Device Identifier/UDID), Blackberry (International Mobile Equipment Identity/IMEI), and Android phone (Mobile Equipment Identifier/ MEID).
  • Gain access to information related to your bank account through various online shopping activities conducted by you.

It is truly said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, software developers across the world have developed special software apps that enhance the options of mobile security. Other than the apps, you can follow some common preventive measures.

Password protection

You must always protect your smart phone by configuring a password for the important applications. A strong password is the right combination of letters of the alphabet (in capitals and small letters), special characters/symbols, and numbers. Moreover, you must have different passwords for each of the smart phone apps.

Draw a pattern

You can lock your apps in the smart phone using a specific pattern. Try to use an unusual pattern that will be difficult for the hackers to decipher.

Secure your Bluetooth

Hackers can outwit you by intercepting the data exchanged over your Bluetooth option in the smart phone. Install an app to protect the security of the information exchanged over the Bluetooth.

Switch off GPS

Mobility conceptCyber criminals can easily track your location by snooping into the GPS activity. Sometimes, you might leak out the information related to your present location on the social network when you access Facebook or Twitter from your Smartphone. In case you are using an iPhone, you need to follow the process mentioned below to secure your location data.

Click Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services.

Android phone users need to follow this process:

Open Camera app -> Settings -> Switch off GPS tagging

Data encryption

When you are surfing the Internet from your smart phone, you must access the websites with the URL https://name of the website for protecting your online data. Secondly, use the VPN service when you access websites through a public Wi-Fi.

LEO Privacy Guard Review

You can also install the certified app, Leo Privacy Guard in order to protect your personal information stored in your smart phone. You can control the snooping or spying activities, if someone wishes to check your phone or steal personal information.


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