How Online Time Tracking Can Change Your Life

How Online Time Tracking Can Change Your Life

Okay, so online time tracking may not literally change your overall quality of life, but it can change the overall quality of your work life.  For the better, of course.  Online time tracking is a process in which the traditional paper timesheets are in electronic format.  The web has numerous options of sites you can utilize to this for your company.  It can relieve the stress of your work day and minimize many of the headaches associated with everyday tasks. is by far one of the best and easiest to use online time tracking softwares available.

One of the most convenient things about this software is the ability for the employees to clock in anywhere.  This makes the program ideal for a number of different types of businesses.  Imagine if you send a construction worker out to a site, and they can clock in while arriving on the site and before they leave the site.  Of course, the problem that comes in to play with that is: How do you know they are actually on site.  Clock Spot thought of this as well, and uses GPS tracking to show you where your employees are while they are on the clock. This allows you to ensure that you are paying the employees only for the time worked, and ensures your employees get paid for all of the time they worked.  You can also review their timesheets online, from home, work, or even at the doctor’s office.  You can manage, edit, and make all necessary changes to employee time before you approve it and generate how much each employee should be paid.  This allows you the opportunity to review and make sure the employees are being paid for what they were supposed to be doing, not clocking in at home watching television and costing you money.

Another neat thing about Clock Spot is the ability to track what your employees are doing.  The site allows you the option of generating what is called a job costing report that will show you which employee is working on which project, job, task, or with which client.  This will also allow you to go back and see which employee was responsible for any mistakes or any excellent jobs that you have received feedback on and need to address.  The program also allows you as an employer to set up a paid time off program.  This allows vacation, sick and other paid time off days to be easily managed and tracked.  Editing timesheets are also made easier, because an employee may catch something you missed.  Clock Spot allows the employee to send you a request for any changes they need to make.  This allows both you and the employee time to approve the time sheet and make sure everything is in order before it is finalized, minimizing future complaints and problems with paid time.

Every employer knows the headache that comes with conducting payroll.  Especially when using paper timesheets.  Clock Spot can eliminate the nightmare that is associated with conducting payroll.  It does this through payroll reports and pay slips.  Payroll reports allow you to easily view your employees paid time for any pay period.  The pay slips allow the employees easy access to their pay history at any time.  This ensure that if any questions or concerns are raised, you can pull up the necessary records to easily and quickly address any and all problems.

Clock Spot also makes the topics of overtime, earnings, deductions, and reimbursements a lot less of a pain. They do this by allowing you to easily view records of earnings paid to each employee.  The report includes overtime clocked by your employees as well as any deductions and reimbursements that was included with their paycheck.  You can even record and track paid bonuses as well.  Audits are another topic that make employers and business owners cringe.  Clock Spot has your back on this as well.  All of their data is backed up every day, ensuring that your files won’t get lost or messed up.  They record every single change made to a timesheet.  From the small time changes to the large time changes; Clock Spot allows employers open availability to seeing who changed what time and when they changed it.  Clock Spot even allows employers the option of managing permissions for their company.  This will allow you as an employer to specify what each employee can and cannot do.  Clock Spot makes your work life easier by allowing easy, organized and reliable employee management options for you and your company.


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