How Mobile Shredders Keep You Safe

How Mobile Shredders Keep You Safe

Identity theft is a growing concern. In fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission, it’s the number one complaint among consumers, with over 16 million victims in 2012 alone. Since then the numbers have only continued to rise. Though it may be alarming to see the facts laid bare like this, it comes as a valuable lesson. Everyone should use a shredding service to prevent their personal information from being used in identity fraud.

The inappropriate release of personal information is at the crux of these 16 million cases. Names, contact details, and financial accounts recorded on bills and other statements found their way into the hands of identity thieves, who used this information to open up false accounts. Though technological security breaches are the main culprit in exposing sensitive information, dumpster diving still leads to many occurrences of identity theft each year. You should never throw out your personal information into the garbage.

shreddingBut keeping all of your bills, financial statements, and receipts forever isn’t a practical solution. There’s only so much room in your cabinets, office, and house at large before you’ll start to see the effects of your hoarding tendencies. This is why a reputable mobile shredding service is so important. They will ensure that all of your documents are completely destroyed before they are properly recycled.

But what’s so important about mobile shredders? It’s the fact that they allow companies to come to you. You only have to gather the documents that you want to be destroyed and make an appointment. Then a shredding company will arrive at your home to collect everything and shred it on site. Once they’re done, you can pay your invoice and collect any guarantees the company may offer. When you book with Absolute Destruction paper shredding services, they offer both a “Guarantee of Destruction” and a “Guarantee of Recycling” so you know your documents have been destroyed and reprocessed in a safe and secure manner.

Mobile shredding services are experts in what they do, and they use the highest rated equipment in order to guarantee complete destruction of your documents. Even if they didn’t take away your files to be recycled, no human being would be able to retrieve each of the thousands of pieces and put them back together again. When there’s no possible way of reading the text on these documents, then there’s no chance of ever becoming a victim of identity theft. So find a local document shredding service you can rely on and stay protected!


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