How Do You Choose Your Antivirus Software?

How Do You Choose Your Antivirus Software?

There are so many antivirus programs to choose from that it can be overwhelming. However, with 2016 only just around the corner and many people switching over to Windows 10, it may be time to think about picking a new suite. How do you do that, however? Luckily, it is possible to make an informed decision about the best 2016 antivirus for your needs. Here are a few pointers.

Free or Paid for?

The first important decision is whether or not you want to pay for your suite. Most of the good ones tend to be paid for, but you will also find a number of really good free options. In fact, being protected doesn’t have to cost you anything, particularly if you have Windows 8 or 10, as they come with some fantastic built-in features.

As a rule of thumb, a free suite is just as good at blocking malware than a paid for. However, paid options tends to have bonus features and provide you with a number of extras. For instance, you will have anti-theft tracking, an extra firewall, phishing filters, anti-spam features and more. You don’t technically need them, but they will make your life easier.

Antivirus Software

Also, free suites can get annoying. They will show offers and advertisements, particularly ads encouraging you to buy the full version. If you can cope with this, then you may as well stick with the free version.

Always Get a Well-Known Brand

Make sure you stick with a reputable company. Unfortunately, some hackers actually pose as new antivirus software programmers. If you stick to what is known, you will also have the guarantee that the product has been scrutinized and tested, so you can find out about its performance beforehand. Unfortunately, as stated, there are quite a few ‘fake antivirus’ packages out there. They include Advanced Virus Remover, Antivirus Live and Internet Security 2010. What they actually are is malware.

Always Get a Well-Known Brand

Check the Tests

There are loads of websites that you can go to in order to read up on the latest antivirus software reviews. Use them. For starters, you can use these websites to find out whether or not the programmer is genuine and not a fake antivirus provider. Secondly, it will tell you just how the various features of each of the programs work. Generally speaking, three particulars are tested, which are usability, performance and protection. This means you will be able to find out how many threats they block, whether they will slow your machine down and whether you need to be an IT specialist just to figure out how to use the interface.

Test reports are usually written in such a way that it is easy to understand how they will perform for you personally. No two products are created equally and there is actually no such thing as the best program for everybody. This is because different people have different needs and different machines. Take your time to review what is out there and pick what is best for you.

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