Effective ways to secure online store

The first priority of any ecommerce business owner is to provide its customers with a secure environment to make online purchases. It is impossible to have a successful online store without having the ability to protect the online shoppers. The best way to gain your customer’s trust is to provide them safe web browsing and protection of their personal and card information during the checkout. Unless visitors of your website know that their important data will be protected, they will not make any purchase from your site. There are a number of factors which influence e-commerce security; some of them are secure hosting, SSL encryption and being PCI compliant.

Secure hosting- The primary requirement of E-commerce security is secure hosting. You need an ecommerce hosting solution that has enough disk space and bandwidth to handle an onslaught of traffic as well as hold all the products and information of your website. Further, you have to ensure that there is a strong enough firewall to protect all of information of your site. You should also look at the percentage of uptime of your hosting provider that means how often sites using their hosting are able to run smoothly. There are some hosting providers that claim to have up to 99.9% uptime. Therefore, before starting to worry about your customer’s private data you have to make sure that all the elements of your e-store is working effectively. Web application security companies can help you to choose the best hosting providers as per your need.

SSL encryption- SSL stands for secure sockets layer which is used to provide security over networks. This encryption system provides decoding and coding of all the sensitive information on a secure channel so as to keep hackers at bay. With SSL encryption, customers can share their confidential data such as their date of birth, mailing address, or credit card number without worrying about it being stolen. All ecommerce sites should have a 128 bit encryption; however, some ecommerce solution providers are offering 256 bit SSL encryption. With 256 bit SSL encryption, you can get twice as much protection because the code is even harder to crack.

PCI compliance- PCI is short for payment card industry, which is an independent body formed by the major credit card companies to create better online payment security. It is required that merchants both small and big become PCI complaint so that they can provide their customers the safest environment to carry out online transactions. Many people believe that being SSL certified is enough to counter the fraudulent charges and credit card theft, but it is not true. Many states are enforcing this standard and punishing those online retailers who are not compliant. So unless you want to ruin your e-commerce business, it is only wise to choose a solution with PCI compliance. If you want to take the security of your online store to the next level, you should take help from E-commerce security companies

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