Consider Hiring Expert Witness Services for Your Case

Consider Hiring Expert Witness Services for Your Case

When faced with trying a lawsuit, there are times when you need more than the facts to win. No matter the size of the case, every trial needs real people with real stories to tell. One of those people who can often determine if you win or lose is an expert. If this applies to your case, consider hiring expert witness services.

Testimony from an expert is often very critical to the litigation strategy. This person offers valuable information that addresses unique facts or questions that are central. Almost universally, an expert is hired when quantifying damages.

Determine Whether You Will Need an Expert

The first thing is to determine if an expert is needed for your case. If so, you will need to decide what type of expert is crucial to support the merits of your case. In general, you should address these questions before searching for an expert witness. They are typically beneficial when there are issues and facts that would not be easily comprehensible to a jury that is unfamiliar with a specific area.

Additionally, an expert could strengthen your case by testifying to an opinion or conclusion that is not easily within the intellectual reach of a judge who is not well-versed in certain concepts.

Involve the Expert Early in the Case

Once the decision is made to hire an expert, the next thing to consider is when to bring the expert into the case. While there are a few exceptions, you will want to engage them as early as possible for several reasons.

First, doing so increases the chance of retaining the expert who is best suited for the specifics of your case. It also gives you time to make sure no conflicts of interest will prevent the expert from representing your side.

Second, an expert can offer valuable input on how to frame discovery request to identify fruitful issues to investigate during depositions. Third, bringing the expert in early gives you time to determine if the value of the case is worth litigating or if you should pursue a settlement.

Finally, early participation gives the expert time to develop a strong opinion that could help you win. The expert benefits from having sufficient research and preparation time.

While finding an expert may seem like a daunting task, it is worth the effort to find one with relevant experience. Consulting different sources, including your network, will ensure you find a trusted professional to boost your odds of winning the case.


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