Call Center Software and HIPAA Compliance

Call Center Software and HIPAA Compliance

Call center software  that is used to facilitate customer service communications in the healthcare industry will most likely require the operator to conduct a HIPAA audit of their environment in order to comply with HIPAA guidelines.  Audits conducted by certified Quality Security Analysts (QSAs) are expensive and can range from $15k-25k per location. One alternative solution is to use a cloud based system that securely stores the recorded data and files in a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting facility that maintains a current audit certificate attesting to the compliance status of the facility. This is none as a Attestation Letter of Compliance.  HIPAA compliant cloud hosting services typically includes the servers, data storage, applications, infrastructure, platforms, backup, disaster recovery and archiving.  The financial benefit of using a hosting provider that has completed the HIPAA audit is that there monthly fees are moderate by comparison. Providers offer minimal one time setup and configuration fees ranging from $1k-$3k.  Ongoing storage fees are based on 1 GB file sizes. Ranges for storage range from $0.40 to $1.00 per GB per month. These fees include all of hardware, data storage, staff resources and compliance security activities to run the facility. I see this as a bargain.


When considering deployment options for call center solutions, there are many to choose.  Companies with have high security issues related to data collected by the staff may want a system to be installed at the company locations. An alternative to onsite installation while maintaining high security is to build out a ‘private cloud’ offering. Private cloud means that the company’s system is built in a separate non-shared  environment at a highly secured datacenter. Most cloud services use shared resource for servers, databases and software operating systems. In a ‘private cloud’, all of your data and software is isolated and not shared with other datacenter tenants. The only infrastructure shared with other tenants is the power, HVAC , firewall and internet bandwidth. A private cloud deployment typically offers the highest security level at an affordable price.

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