Bluetooth Watches: Should You Be An Early Bird Adopter?

Bluetooth Watches: Should You Be An Early Bird Adopter?

Smart Bluetooth watch is a line of tech that offers a lot to the intrepid consumer. The nifty little Bluetooth wearable has the potential to change the way we perceive mobile computing, much like the smartphone and tablet.

The problem, however, is that this really new technology demands quite a lot from “early adopters” – those who buy the latest cool smart watch to come out of the market.

If you are considering becoming an early adopter of new Bluetooth watches, then here are a few things you may want to keep in mind:

Can You Afford The Price Tag?

A hefty price tag is one of the biggest hurdles preventing people from trying out the latest Bluetooth smart watch.

The prices of gadgets and gizmos can only go down when they are manufactured on a mass scale. Low-scale production, however, significantly raises the cost of production. They usually release new products in small batches to test the market’s demand for the product, but the watches are not produced in a large enough scale to warrant really low prices.

This is why you have to be prepared to pay extra when trying out the latest Bluetooth smart watch before it hits the mass market.

Are You Willing To Tolerate Bugs And Errors?

In an ideal world, products released on the mass market are supposed to be free from bugs, glitches and issues with usability. In the real world, however, early-adopters tend to encounter a ton of problems with the new tech they’re getting.

Google’s Glass and Android Wear are two examples of unfinished mobile technology being sold to “beta testers.”Beta testers serve primarily as, well, testers. They buy these products knowing that they are not perfect and that they will inevitably encounter problems. This is an attitude worth adopting, however, if you are going to try out the latest Bluetooth watch to hit the market,

Do You Have A Device That’s Compatible With The Smartwatch?

If you plan to pick up the latest Android smartwatch, then you first need to check if it is actually compatible with your phone or tablet in the first place.Bluetooth Watches

Bluetooth technology makes it relatively easy to pair a smartwatch with a smartphone, but the ability of these two gadgets to ‘play nice’ with each other depends largely on the smartwatch itself. You may even need regular access to mobile Internet access in order to make the most of the watch – which might not be a viable option for some people.

The issue of compatibility becomes more pronounced as you search for more advanced features from your watch. The average Android watch can easily notify you of incoming calls or text messages, but not all watches will allow you to install extra apps or manipulate other apps installed on your phone or tablet.

Can You Accept A Faster Gadget Rotation Cycle?

Let’s face it: the current crop of Bluetooth watches out in the market will eventually be replaced by better, sleeker, more powerful and more ergonomic models with the passage of time.

When that time comes, you will eventually find your prototype underwhelming when compared to the latest models. If you are the type to regularly test out the latest gadgets for yourself, then you had better start familiarizing yourself with sites like eBay to re-sell them once newer watches hit the market.

You’ll also need to find the right time to trade in your obsolete model for the latest model. Trade it in too early, and you won’t find a better gadget to work with. Trade it in too late, and it will lose much of its value.

All these limitations, however, all lead up to the one question that drives early adopters to do what they do: are you willing to experiment with something new and unknown?

If this is the most important thing for you when it comes to the latest Bluetooth watch, then you at least know what to expect when you pick up the latest prototypes to be released to the public!

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