Advice on Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Advice on Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is a handy tool that you can use to edit any video footage that you have filmed with your camcorder. It is suitable for small businesses that are looking for an easy to use video editor software for editing their marketing videos. It is also suitable for editing personal videos for example travel videos. Every standard video editing tool has been included in the video editor so you can complete all the video editing work in one software without looking for other third party software.

In the past, only professionals that are experienced can handle the video editing task. Nowadays, many video editor software feature a simplified design that makes it possible for novice to edit their own video footage to professional standard. Movavi Video Editor for Mac offers a timeline where you drag video footage from any folder to open them. When the raw video clips are opened in the software, you can click the scissor button to cut and remove the excess parts in the entire video length.

Movavi video editor for Mac allows you to merge other clips into the current video clip in case it is too short and you want to make it a longer video. After using the scissor tool to remove all the unnecessary scenes, it is time to add something to the video to improve its flow. You can head over to the transitions tab and select a transition to add to the video clip. All types of common transitions can be added to the video including fades, and dissolves. Transitions are best added when all the video clips have been arranged properly.

The transition will function as a cut in between two clips. Each transition effect will create a different animated effect on the video. You will have to add the transition to the video clip to see how it look in the preview screen. If you select the transition effect, it will only preview in the preview screen. You can set how long the transition will play by clicking on the properties button. The properties button is the gearwheel button in the toolbar.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add title overlays to the video. Title overlay is a great way to explain something in the video. For example, you can use title overlay to state the name of the person that is being interviewed in the video. The title overlay is also a great way to add a text call to action that encourage your audience to take action for example use a coupon code to get discount at your online store.

Movavi Video Editor offers a wide selection of video effects to enhance the video no matter it is a personal or business video. For example, you can use the snowflake filters to make the snowflakes rain down in the video in your Christmas promotional video. You can also add custom music in the video. If you want to use a music for your video, you can buy it online from the royalty free music store or record it yourself.


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