8 Unusual Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Presence

8 Unusual Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Presence

Today, businesses are improving their approach to Social Media Marketing.  Even those who were resisting them for a brief period, they are attracted to the benefits. Social media marketing helps you to grow your business.

But if you are spending to advertise online, how can you get the biggest return for your buck?

You sure need the best practice and clever strategy to pave your way through this. As you dip your toes in social marketing, you will realize it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s hard but important, all you need to do is just get the hang of it.

Doing that needs time, but you do not need to hang on.

You just need to stop following the MASSES because most of the time, the “M” is silent.

You need to make your approach unique if you want it to be effective.

If you do the same thing that your competitor do, how will you get an advantage over them, how can you expect to beat them?

So for your own sake, you have to ensure your approach is better than them. To help you for it, we are giving you a few Social Media Marketing tips to start with.

8. Experiment in Your Approach

When it comes to Facebook News Feed Advertisement, create the whole thing to give your viewers something to do. Yes, don’t just shove up your product their face. You can achieve it by adding the “Learn More” Button.

Write 30-50 word description of your product, and put “To be continued” sign. This will spark the visitor’s interest (if your content is compelling in the first place) and now you just need to add a call to action button (Learn More). Nevertheless, when you are adding a button, you have to choose between the following buttons:

  • Contact Us
  • Shop Now
  • Watch More
  • Book Now
  • Download
  • Learn More

Adding such buttons in your Social Media Marketing post will help your advertisement to pay attention to a better angle. Adding them will improve your call to action and compel the reader or visitor to take action. Just make sure you choose the button according to your content.

It should suit your niche or else it will ruin your engagement.

7. Be Relevant

When you experiment for Social Media Marketing, don’t lose sight of what you do.

Whatever you do, just be relevant to your end goal. Always check your Facebook Relevance Score. We bet this because this is the first time you hear about it.

Facebook Relevance Score evaluates the expected interaction with your respective ad. The Relevancy score calculates by actual and expected feedback, both positive and negative from target visitors. The score later updates in real time as people interact and leave feedback.

Positive Feedback: It includes Likes, Comments, and Shares. Positive Feedback also sums up other sorts of actions including click to the website for instance.

Negative Feedback: Negative Feedback covers the instances when people hide your add or ask for not to see it again.

Make your Social Media Marketing ad with a 1 to 10 scale and put it with real-time interaction. Your first point will need at least 500 impressions a day.

Following are a few pieces of advice, which will help you to improve your relevancy score:

  • Test the ad with a small budget to see its relevance score. As you get 8 or higher score, invest in promoting it
  • As relevance scores update in real-time, keep in touch with your ads, if the score is below 8, make amends to it

6. Make Alternate Versions of the Same Ad

When writing headlines, we often make more than one and then we choose the best. The same trick is for creating ads. When you stumble upon a cleverly crafted social media ad, don’t assume it’s a masterpiece. They have been tried multiple times before releasing. Therefore, do the following to make sure your ad will win hearts:

  • Test Different Pics
  • Write a couple of version of Ad Copy
  • Adjust and hone it right according to your target.

You can do this with the following tips:

  • Creating different Ad Variations
  • Check to see what works
  • Ditch the worst performers and try something else instead

Remember, your ad should not only promote the product but engage the customer into a real conversion. You can achieve this if you add Cunning questions in the Social Media Marketing Ad.

5. Differentiate the Mobile Traffic

When it’s about Social Media Marketing, you need to segment your audience according to what they use, Laptop/Desktop or Smartphone/Tablet.

It will optimize your conversation rate, show the ad to people on desktop and laptop but not to people who use smartphone or tablet. To improve your approach, act on the following tips:

  • Avoid Rough Drafts because they are messy
  • Facebook Ads are not bad, get the hang of them
  • Make image big because it’s the most important element
  • Optimize for Graph Search
  • Bid for ads and track conversations
  • Remember your Key Metrics to look for; these are Reach, Cost per Action, Likes and Frequency

Don’t show your ads to mobile traffic, because they won’t be designed for them. Mobile visitors don’t sign up or convert for sale. This is where you need a desktop audience. You may also need to mind the following tips

  • Don’t just mind device, also mind location
  • Make your results appear natively in News Feed, Don’t force-feed

4. Make a Custom Landing Page

If Conversation is your goal, like sales and signups, then you also need to consider that where the client will end up once they click. Therefore, make it a two-step process:

  • Make the Ad
  • Make the Destination

Successful Social Media Marketing comes with a custom landing page; this is where copy carries over from ad and action. Besides, the more targeted your ad is, the more targeted your landing page should be. E-commerce ads are doing a great job here. A single product can drive the visitor from ad to main product page. This page should be full of categories and menus. Everything to increase the options for your user. You can achieve this if you care for:

  • Key Visuals
  • Call to Action
  • Responsive Design
  • Limited Form Fields
  • Goal Oriented Copy Length

3. Don’t Forget to Bring Up the Price

 Social Media Marketing is all about prequalifying your traffic. You want people to click on your ad, people who are comfortable paying what you ask. The key to this is sharing your price at the right moment.

If you get this right, you will generate thousands of leads that will head to the landing page.

Don’t filter people as they get to your landing page. You can do this even before they click; this is less archaic and more effective. Besides, doing this saves the pay per click cost. The final goal is not letting people click your advertisement; it’s to convince them to buy the product itself.

2. Promote Discount Offers

At least 50% people are likely to hit on discount offers. This is a simple strategy for Social Media Marketing. You need to offer a discount along with your proposal. If you mention discounts on your ads, it will lead to a big payday.

Don’t worry; you don’t need the discounts tied to special events or occasions. Try to have different pricing options. The trick is, you can offer different offers on discounts. This will make your ad more engaging.

Remember, you need an integrated discount which you can explain in your ad copy.

Apart from the price, you also need a closing time. Keep the time window short but not too short or it will burst the bubble. Try to step it up and offer a bit more as compared to your competitors. This can give you a competitive edge over them. Get a clean and polished ad copy of your work, and revise it over again.

Create a Group

You can pull this off in any social network today. But, creating a group on Facebook remains the most effective option. Creating a grouping here allows others to share their idea publicly, share questions and queries. It also allows them to see what others have to say.

It’s an open invitation to criticism, opinions and add-ons but this is what makes Facebook better than everyone else. You can use the group to share your set of skills, products and promoting your special offers. The concept here is to offer value, so don’t piss off anyone by posting very often.

Create a public group, let everyone join in but keep special perks for your members only. This will encourage people to become a member of your group.

As your percentage increases, your authority will also improve. This will make your group appear in news feed automatically. This will improve your exposure and thus, new members will join soon. Be organic, don’t force anything or you will lose what you have earned so far.


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