8 Effective link building strategies in 2015 and Why?

8 Effective link building strategies in 2015 and Why?

Link building is definitely a new ear technical term, which has cropped just in few years and till today many of except the IT guys know about it in a clear way though some of us apply and work with it on a regular basis, but unknowingly.

Link Building is a typical SEO (Search engine optimization) term and it is also regarded as one of the most critical, crucial and challenging thing to do in the SEO field.

Link Building is linked to the most important aspect- driving more and more traffic towards one’s website. To do this, one should employ their content writing, presentation, sales skills, and programming efficiency skills in use along with their ability to understand the user’s psychological preferences.

SEO link building has been doing the rounds for quite few years now, but recently during the year 2014 and 2015, there has been tremendous development in the field. In this article, we will focus on some crucial and effective link building strategies in 2015 along with its reasons.

So, let’s get started!

1. Content is the king:

In 2015, link building has become all about contents and let me tell you I am talking about serious contents, not the ones readily available for a few bucks, but the really well researched content of high quality written either by field experts or by yourself, whichever option works out for you.

Believe me, in this new age era of 2015, visitors or the target audience cannot be fooled by fake tactics, thy won’t invest their precious time on some foolish link, which does not provide any insight on the topics concerned.

Some of the things to stay away, if you want your strategy to be effective are- doorway sites, running an affiliate site, low quality postings mainly guest postings on your web site, etc.

2. Do not Copy:

It is another major and crucial strategy in itself, not to copy your competitor or business rival’s link building strategy. Brand is the key word here which should eventually lead to your individual brand building.

Always, try to reach out to your target audience to generate traffic in a slightly different pattern or way than your competitor with same type of target audience.

For example, if your competitor is dominant on YouTube, Pinterest, etc. You try to steal the show through channelizing your link building activities through Facebook.

3. Anchor Text:

With the progress and advancement in the field of SEO, some things have become more relevant than the others and anchor text is one such thing. Anchor text is usually a set of relevant phrases or just words related to the topic of the content which is hyperlinked to your website.

Some to save the hard work, sometimes also used online review sites like Trust pilot review as their anchor text (for example, the reviews of their business should be in the website of trust pilot). But, it is not recommended any more as many fake links can also crop up through these review sites.

Hence, in recent times, it is recommended to incorporate the anchor text into the content/article naturally, not deliberately because no one these days want to read trash, period!

4. Infographics:

Categorizing the infographics specifically which includes- use of keywords, statistics and research materials and DIY high quality contents, for link building can prove effective in generating high traffic on your website.

5. Sponsorship:

Though considered a bit tricky strategy, acquiring sponsorship can help you get links from high quality pages and also from hot shot events, summits, conferences, etc. Because of the reason that, because of your sponsorship, your website, logo or any other mascot will be linked to the sponsored event website and will appear on their website’s homepage.

This is one of the most trending effective link building strategies in the year 2015.

6. Utilize resource pages for your links:

For example, incorporate google strings in your keywords. In this way, your website will automatically show up in the keywords search and it will in turn generate high volume traffic to your website.

7. Build diversified strategies:

Don’t’ rely on any options, instead back up your link building strategy which one or all of the following:

  1. Content of excellent quality.
  2. Activate and utilize your social media connections.
  3. Post guest blogs on various websites with your anchor text attached to your blogs or become a guest blogger on your own.
  4. Syndicate your contents on popular and relevant websites.

8. Follow Google and reach out your consumers:

Follow the effective tips, guidelines, rules and regulations related to link building. Also, inform the customers about your website and encourage them to participate in various online promotional activities which will automatically increase the traffic volume on your website.


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