7 Awesome Ideas To Monetize YouTube Videos

7 Awesome Ideas To Monetize YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the places on the internet that can give you a good way to make more money. There’s a whole lot of people who can guarantee you that you can even leave your day job for YouTube. The question is, how do these “Youtubers” monetize their YouTube videos? Well, there are 7 awesome ideas for you.

  1. Partner Program- the YouTube Partner program is a video monetization system that is made for the Youtubers, but it is only available for a number of countries. It helps the Youtubers to make money through the YouTube’s revenue sharing system. Countries that are currently in the Partnership Program of YouTube are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, France, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and South Africa. The revenue of this Partner Program simply depends upon the CPM rate that differ for every users from various countries. However, the locations of the audience count more in setting up the CPM of your own YouTube account.
  1. Promoting your own products on YouTube- if you create your own products, YouTube simply offers a whole lot of ways for you to promote them and make your own sales. The products you create may include apps, ebooks, arts as well as music. Simply create them, add them up to a shopping cart and use YouTube for its promotion. Make sure that you add a link to your website on the description box of your video.
  1. Get sponsorships- this is the most creative part and one of the best ideas to monetize your YouTube account. Most of the YouTubers actually feel deprived for not getting the YouTube Partnership Program. So, getting sponsorship for your YouTube channel is definitely one of the best things that you can do. Find the right company that will take you closer in order to get the right sponsors for your channel. One of the best sponsors that you can get is the online pokies
  1. Make reviews- Once you have decided to monetize your YouTube channel. You can see a lot of YouTubers making a good amount of money out of their review videos. You can go for toys, gadgets, basically everything.
  1. Create guide videos- how-to and guide videos are definitely popular these days. A lot of people are eager to know many things and they consider YouTube as the best place for that. If you know something, then create videos and start teaching them. As a matter of fact, you can consider online pokies tutorials and other games. Just make it sure that it’s still on the entertaining side. Once you start doing such, you’ll be getting attention. Mixing different categories can be good as well.
  1. Promote affiliate products- promoting different products is common on YouTube. So, you can guide your audience to do a certain thing and showing them how to use it, while offering them the product or the service right under the video. With this monetizing method, you could promote the website of your client, or even your own product.
  1. Underground Branding- the moment you started getting attention from your audience, the next thing that you need to focus on is becoming the authority in your niche. Once you became an authority, there’ll be big things coming out next.

If you want to start making right in the comfort of your own home, it would be ideal for you to consider monetizing your YouTube channel following the tips mentioned above now.


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