5 Ways To Ace That Tech Interview

5 Ways To Ace That Tech Interview

Interviews in general can make anyone anxious. How much more if the company you’re applying to is a tech startup or company which tends to be unconventional with its hiring process (think Google).

Fortunately there are some easy ways to hack this particular type of interview process.

Tech companies are very particular with their hiring process as they look for specific skills in their hires.

Good thing is,companies could some help from Toptal for their tech hiring, as they have industry specialists who conduct 4 interviews to crack and a short project at the end.

As a skilled developer or freelancer, you need to get ready for a rigorous process that will not just test your knowledge but also your skills.

Your resume must be polished and your credentials must be excellent in the first place to garner an interview invite. Initial IQ tests that include logic tests and brain teasers might also be given as a first hurdle so it would be good to do some of these in your spare time so that you will get some practice with it. TechInterview.org has some neat coding brain teasers to practice on.

The next thing to do to ace that tech interview is to brush up on your programming languages skills. Understand what programming languages skills are they looking for. If you’re rusty in some of those programming languages, time to revise and get on with some practice. There are many online tech training resourcesfor programming languages. Refresh yourself also with computer science fundamentals. They might also test your technical knowledge on the different programming languages.

The third thing to do is to get your portfolio organized and ready for presentation. A sample of your projects and codes in written form will be an excellent way to demonstrate expertise and experience in the tech interview.

Next practice your presentation skills. Sometimes the interviewers will ask you to demonstrate on whiteboard how you intend to solve a particular bug or tech issue. Since you are mostly used to facing and using a screen to solve a problem, you’ll need to get used to illustrating your thought process and communication skills using a common medium like the whiteboard.

Finally, dress the part. Tech companies avoid being too formal, so it’s not a good idea to arrive in long sleeves and suit and tie for your tech interview. Do some research on how employees in your target tech company suit up and then dress accordingly so that you don’t come off as too conservative and therefore might seem not a good fit for the company.

Bonus tip: Send a thank you note a day after the tech interview and add a solution to an unresolved problem that you might have been able to provide during the tech interview. This will give a strong and positive impression on the interviewer that you’re passionate about your field and you’re a good person to have on their team.

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