5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Optimizing Keywords

The words that we type on the search engines when we are searching for services, products, and answers are called keywords. Companies need to optimize their web pages for inquiry by implementing keywords to the pages. Selecting keywords is crucial to the success especially before actualizing a paid search or PPC campaign. It is integral to organic ranking on the search engines.

To ensure that you can efficiently market your products and services to your target audience, we have listed below the 5 ideas to keep in mind while picking keywords.

5 tips to keep in mind while optimizing keywords

1. Focus on Proper Phrases

When it comes to search engine marketing, it is advised that one should not use bigger and meaningful keywords instead of shorter ones which are considered to be useful. A single word is rarely the strategy that companies employ when doing keyword research in PPC or SEO campaigns.

You don’t have to over think the basic keywords. Instead just answer the question to yourself: “What products or services do you sell?”

2. Refrain From Using “Vanity” Keywords

From an SEO perspective, to be at the top of a search engine, you must use keywords that would probably be profitable for you.  The keywords should be such that they can drive relevant traffic to the site. Remember, keywords and traffic to the website is directly proportional to each other. The more specific keywords more will be the traffic to your site. Specific keywords can bring about higher purchases. Thus, it is advised not to use vanity or root keywords.

3. Use Google’s Wonder Wheel

Google’s Wonder Wheel is a visual representation of the manner in which Google groups keywords together. This is the basis of most PPC and SEO keyword research. Indirectly, you can figure out how users see search items themselves. It helps you other keywords to focus on. This can help shape overall content strategies. It is advised to put emphasis on customer ratings, reviews and comparisons from content strategy perspective.

4. The Value of Repetition

One of the major concerns is whether repeating keywords is beneficial or harmful. The answer is that repetition is not a problem as long as the meaning of the phrase varies. Also, do not forget to select keywords that relate best to the content written for the web page.

5. Direct Your Content Strategy

The keywords should be able to direct the overall content strategy. Building content, keywords, launching search engine marketing campaigns is a circular process since the keywords research reflects what users are looking for.

You should not believe in taking static content and get higher rankings and greater results from it. Instead you should be able to create the best experience for the users.

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Ora J. Bass

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