5 Things to Consider for Local SEO Campaigns in 2016

5 Things to Consider for Local SEO Campaigns in 2016

Businesses looking for local customers should do what they can to maximize the effectiveness of their online SEO campaigns, making sure people can find them before their competitors. This list of items should be able to help you determine how your business can flourish locally in 2016.

1. Give Your Google+ Local Business Page the Attention It Needs

You’ll have an extremely hard time ranking locally for your products or services if you don’t have an adequate Google+ profile for your business. This alone means the difference between high visibility and total invisibility. In certain ways, having a Google+ profile for your business is even more important than having a website if you want qualified leads to find you.

2. Optimize the Content with Local Keyword Targets

Rather than go for generic keyword variations for products and services, you should make sure your website utilizes plenty of locally optimized keywords that people in those areas enter in search engines. For instance, people looking for dental services won’t simply search for “best dental services” to find the right dentist in their area; they’ll likely search for “best dental services in [city], [state]” or something equally specific. To show up for these queries, make sure you have naturally targeted keywords, and consider creating individual state or city pages.

Your blog is of equal importance when it comes to content optimization for local search. Many companies stick with typical “how to” and “best ways” blog posts that don’t attract local audiences. Writing about current events in a specific area can significantly help attract local audiences and get them interested in your services.

3. Optimize Contact Pages with Contact Info and a Map

Along with an updated Google+ page with accurate information about your business, you should make sure your contact page includes your business’s name, address, and phone number. You should also consider adding a Google Map to help people find directions to your location from your website. A Google Map with Street View can prove even more helpful.

4. Optimize Metadata Including Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Another important element of a locally optimized website is optimized metadata. Title tags and meta descriptions are the first things people see when they perform a search on Google, and Google takes keyword-rich titles into account for rankings. Meta descriptions can also further confirm your business’s location.

5. Include Locally Targeted Images and Video

While optimized text is vital to local SEO campaigns, you should complement it with optimized images and video. Media files are optimized through their titles, alt-text, and filenames to help Google further determine whether a page is sufficiently optimized.

With all of these attributes in consideration, your website can shine above local competitors and attract qualified leads looking for local business.

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