5 Secret Apps to Hide Your Personal Photos

5 Secret Apps to Hide Your Personal Photos

Secrets Apps to Hide Your Personal Photos

Each and every one of us likes to take his/her photos and make an album. Some pictures are personal and you don’t want others to see them. You like to make sure that your personal photos are not shown to anyone and you like to take the steps which can make this happen. Some of the best secret apps (also check out best student apps) which can help you in safe storage of your personal photos are:

  1. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo VaultThis app let the people import photos in to the albums and then hide the personal photos behind a Pin lock. This app not only gives basic password protection for personal photos but also gives bonus features including decoy password and break in report. This app takes secret photo of the person who tries to enter the app and it also log the GPS location to let you know who tried to get access to your personal photos. Decoy password let you set password which launches various set of photos.

  1. Galley Lock Lite

Galley Lock LiteGalley Lock lite is an app which let you put app icon in stealth mode which will make it invisible on your phone. You then need to access an app by typing asterisk, password and pressing the call. This app also capture the picture of any person who tries to get access to your personal photos after three unsuccessful attempts. Free version of this app only allows you to hide specific limit of photos but you can buy an upgrade if you want to get access to all the features of this app.

  1. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret FolderIf you don’t like to let other people know that you downloaded a privacy app then Best Secret Folder is a perfect app for you. Icon is made is disguised in my utilities which makes it sure that no one gets an idea that personal photos are hidden in your phone. You need to set a password when you open an app and mail it to yourself. Main drawback of this app is that if you forget your password then you cannot reset it later. This app let you see the pictures of nosey intruders by capturing photos and recording their location. It also gives an option to export photos to the cloud, Dropbox, email and more.

  1. KeepSafe

KeepSafeIf you want to have simple app with basic level of protection for videos and photos then you need to opt for KeepSafe. You just need to type your PIN and import photos to the albums in this app. You need to make sure that you delete personal photos from the gallery after importing them as KeepSafe app does not delete them from the gallery. Bonus features like fake PINs, customized passwords for individual albums and break in alerts can be obtained in the premium version after making upgrade to the app.

  1. KYMS

KYMSWhen a person download KYMS then its icon is disguised as calculator on your phone. Completely functional calculator appears at the launch of an app and it demands 4 digit PIN number and the equal sign after which you can access an app. This app allows you to hide PDFs, word documents, excel spreadsheets and PPTs along with photos. This app let you import media from your computer and it also provides Wi-Fi support to synchronize your collections between the devices.

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