5 Event Blogging Strategies to Consider

5 Event Blogging Strategies to Consider

Event blogging helps to gain traction and visibility towards an event. By event blogging, I don’t mean niche sites created for events like Christmas or Valentine, where the purpose is earn quick money through AdSense or affiliate marketing.

By event blogging, I mean hosting (optional) and promoting an event with certain objectives like:

  • ticket sales
  • mainstream media exposure
  • viral response

Promoting an event blog is tough mainly because the same event won’t happen regularly unless they are regular seminars or workshops. Event blogging needs a different approach which is dynamic and responsive.

5 Event Blogging Strategies to Consider

Here are 5 event blogging strategies for you to consider.

Event Blogging Strategies

1) Paid Social Media Exposure

A lot of people think that ‘free marketing’ works. Well, surely it does if you start promoting an event a year in advance!

For targeted market exposure, opt for paid social media exposure through mediums like Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads.

2) On-Page SEO

Surely, you’re going to host the event on an online page. You’ve to mention details of the events like speakers, event modules, event fees (if any) and more.

The event page should be optimized according to ‘on-page’ SEO factors. If you’re using WordPress CMS platform, plugins like Yoast SEO help.

The purpose is that whenever anyone searches for the event with the specific event name or any generally associated keywords, the event page should rank!

3) Headline

Again, headlines are very important! You read a piece of news only when the headline is interesting enough.

Similarly, the event name / headline should convey its purpose. For instance, bloggers are well acquainted with WordCamp events which are hosted to teach people about WordPress CMS.

4) Send out Feelers

Connect with industry influencers associated with your event. You can take the help of event speakers to market the event.

You can connect with other industry leaders and expert voices, and send event feelers to them. If the event purpose is good, many of them will be glad to share it on social media feeds and even send personal recommendations.

5) Do Content Marketing

Curated content marketing is an excellent promotional method. Target publishers in your event niche and connect them with the proposal to promote the event. It could be paid or unpaid, depending on the scope and budget of the event.

The publishers will cover the event on their site and your event will benefit in the form of traffic and branding.


If you’re a blogger who wants to reach the ‘next level’, host events or market any event well. Event blogging can establish your authority in the chosen niche.

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