3 Reasons Why Real Cameras Still Rule

3 Reasons Why Real Cameras Still Rule

If you’re looking for the best bidding site for cheap cameras for sale, then you’re not the only one. Real cameras are making a comeback. Why? Because no matter how intelligent your smartphone may be or how much you love using apps like Litely or VSCO Cam, you have to admit it; phone cameras have their limitations.

And most cameras these days have built-in WIFI, allowing them to connect to your phone and upload your professionally taken photo (instead of blurry selfie) to Facebook or Twitter immediately. If that’s not enough, then here are three more reasons why real cameras still rule:

  1. They Take Better Pictures

Smartphone cameras are great for everyday photos that don’t require tremendous detail, but if you want to zoom in on that hummingbird hovering over the flower, or the look on the face of your best friend as she steps into the surprise party; your smartphone camera simply isn’t up to the challenge.

The result will be blurred, dark and pixelated; maybe even unrecognizable. The zoom on smart cams simply doesn’t cut it. So keep your add-on lenses and digital zoom; real cameras give you optical zoom, which uses real lenses to create intense magnification. Snapped.

  1. Your Smartphone Camera Sucks in the Dark

They may be getting better all the time and you could argue that the iPhone 6’s camera is getting pretty close to ridding night time photos of that grainy look, but if you want really decent pictures after hours, then you simply can’t get enough pixels from your phone. You need a real camera to get shots in an almost completely dark room, forest, night club or concert. They’re also easier to hold stable if you’re in a crowded place.

  1. Save Your Smartphone’s Battery

If you’re a bit of a smartphone addict, then you probably have to charge your phone up at least twice a day. Having a real camera, especially when you’re going on vacation or to family party, will give your smartphone a break. Using the camera is one of the things that zaps your battery’s power the quickest, so using a real camera will not only ensure that you get pictures that are actually flattering and well taken, but you’ll be able to keep whatsapping into the night as well. You’ll also look pretty cool and novel; as everyone else tries to compete with their phones, you’ll be in a league of your own.

The time to find cheap cameras for sale is now, as the quality has greatly increased and the price dramatically lowered, so check out one of the best bidding sites online and get your hands on a real cam today.

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