Utilize The MageNet To Make Money From Your Website

Utilize The MageNet To Make Money From Your Website

If you are looking for unique ways to earn money through your blog or website, you are supposed to know a few things about magenet.com. To earn money from a blog is not that easy today, if not that hard. There are a number of business owners who own a website in similar niche and may you a tough competition in the means of gaining a huge traffic to sell a particular product. You will need the content of your website to be written from the professional writers. You will need to research to find out the suitable keywords for your website as per the niche of the website. You will also have to buy the SEO links to get a good traffic on your blog or website. Even then, you can’t be sure of getting a good traffic as well as the conversion-rate of the traffic into business. That’s why I am telling you the trick to earn money in a simple and convenient way by getting paid for contextual ads rather than promoting a product on your site. Yes, this is true that you can earn for displaying the ads on the side bar of your website and this has become with the help of magenet.com.

MageNet is basically a WordPress plugin that helps you with selling relevant ads from your website and receiving payment through PayPal. I know there are a number of questions arising in your mind about this useful plugin. Well, I am here to help you with the same. Today, I am going to tell you the benefits of using the MageNet plugin as well as how it can help you to earn the maximum from your website.

The First Step- first of all, you have to install the MageNet plugin for your website. Then, you have to sign up at http://www.magenet.com and add your website to get your MageNet key.

Pricing Of An Ad- The pricing for each ad may extremely vary with the page ranking of a website and the number of ads the website. However, the MageNet provides you the options to fix your own prices in the account’s settings, once you sign up there.

Payment Policy- Once an ad is posted on your blog; you are automatically in the process of receiving payments. However, the first payment comes after 30 days to your PayPal account and after reaching the amount minimum of 50$, you can transfer the payment anytime to your PayPal account.

How It Works- As you sign up with MageNet, it starts doing indexing the content of your website and comes with a list of advertisers who wants to purchase an ad for the specific keywords. As the keywords are found in the content of your website, the respective pages will be offered for the placements of ads.

Know The Criteria- You are allowed to submit any kind of blogs or websites into MageNet and there are no certain criteria about the same. However, you should also remember that MageNet doesn’t promote escort services, pornography and the websites with adult contents.

Enjoy The Freedom- MageNet gives you the freedom to choose what the ads are you MageNet to show, and you can also ban ads form the specific pages of your blog. Moreover, you can also block the sites you find unnecessary and don’t want to place ads.


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