Top 25 Best PC Games

Top 25 Best PC Games

Playing games on a PC or laptop is far more rewarding than using a games console. For a start, you have many more keys to use in order to control the game with, rather than be limited to the options on a gamepad. Consoles also have no choice of graphics, whereas games on a computer can have a number of options. Overall, playing games on a computer out does a console on a wide range of factors. When it comes to what games to play, most people tend to go for the top selling PC games. Obviously, if you ask someone for their top 25 PC games, then the list will be subjective.

Some people prefer the old style games, while others like the new ones with realistic physics and graphics nearing realism. What is usually most important, though, is the gameplay. If the game is totally engrossing, and the player gets a lot of enjoyment out of it, then the level of graphics seldom matters. Take some of the game apps you get on smarthphones, very simple graphics, and yet played by millions of people around the world. Games that keep the mind focussed, or those that involve shooting a lot of enemies tend to be at the top of many people’s lists of the best games.

One thing that a game must be, and that is entertaining. Thanks to the internet, getting hold of free PC games has never been easier. Just visit a site offering free games, and then simply download PC games to your own computer. This allows you to play them for as long as you want, no internet connection required. For those who play games on a laptop, then, unlike a console, you can take the game out with you. A great bonus for those addictive games.

Some games rely on strategy, and that usually means you get to control armies and build cities. This type of game is very popular, and easy to play. They can also help people use parts of their brain they would not normally use. Other game types are adventure, which includes those which involve chasing after dragons, and finding new spells to cast. Of course, a lot of people enjoy the first and third person shooter genre of games. Being able to run around an area shooting people can be a lot of fun. If you asked a hundred people what their top games were, then it is likely only a handful of games would be mentioned across different lists.

A lot of the games that are free to download online are usually regarded as classics. They either look like a classic game, or the underlying style of the game will be similar to them. Games such as Heroes of Hellas 3 Athens, Monkey Go Happy 2 and Empires Online are all free downloads, and are played by many people. Regardless of what genre of game you like, a free copy of it will be available for download. You may not get those great outstanding graphics, but what you will get is an impressive gameplay.


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