Should I Use WordPress To Build My Website? Why?

Should I Use WordPress To Build My Website? Why?


When you want to create your website, you will find many platforms that offer you their best services. But among these providers, WordPress is still the favorite platform where you can realize your web design conception. Before exposing the advantages of this platform, there are some points that you may need to know about it.

History of WordPress:

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has evolved to become the most popular Content Management System. Basically, this software was associated with blogging. In fact, the WordPress developers aimed to make the blogging experience more attractive and more enjoyable. Since that, they have added more applications to allow the creation of more sophisticated than, and as efficient as a website made with any other web designing package tools. . It can be used to create and host websites. It has become the favorite platform for website creation and more business owner tend to discard their primary webhosts and the platform they are using and are moving to WordPress. Why it is so popular and why should you use it to create your website?


 Features of WordPress:

WordPress is a webhost:

WordPress is a webhost. It offers you the option of owning your own domain name –commonly designated by Domain name registration. In other words, when you opt for WordPress, you can choose the domain name. The domain checking service will check the availability of the domain name you chose. If it is already in use, it will suggest some other variants.

WordPress is Free:

You can host your business for free. However some fees can apply when you need large storage space and you need to equip your website with particular applications.

WordPress is fully customizable:

You can implement your own design using the coding interface, of course if you know how to handle programming languages HTML and CSS. You can also use preset themes; you will have to fill in with the content. You can also change the layout at any time you want. You can also install the application you need because the platform supports perhaps all the plugs in.

WordPress is easy to use:

WordPress offers an easy to use control panel. This control panel is accessible with your credentials. You can manage your website content, layout and operate updates from there; you do not need an in depth knowledge to handle the task. An important feature offered by WordPress is that you can have as many websites as you need; you can manage them all from one place: the control panel related to your account. In fact, you will be prompt to choose which website you want to access and manage in a tab called “my sites”.

 WordPress offers Support service:

Support service is there to help you start using this incredible CMS. You can ask for assistance and any information you need about using the applications and the features that WordPress offers. Moreover, you can have website activity reports, the way they would be provided by any analytics service or software.


WordPress seems to be the best web designing platform. It is the best competitor for Web designing agencies and Webhosting providers. It is difficult to guess where technology will lead the next web designing generations.

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