Must Have Tools and Services on Internet

Must Have Tools and Services on Internet

Sometimes, when you are having limited spaces of memory in your mobile devices or you are too lazy to transfer the pictures or documents from laptop to your tablet just for the sake of wanting to resize it on mobile application, fret not. There are lots of useful tools and services provided for people like us on internet without asking us to download it first. All you have to do is visit the website and straight away use their services and tools. Here are among the must have tools and services on internet that you need to know:

  1. Picture Resize — This is one of the most famous picture resizer tools that can be used for free and without needing us to download the tools into our laptops or other devices. This online picture resizer is free to use and only needed us to upload our pictures and straight away edit it. As simple as that.
  2. Password Generator — The most convenient password generator that will generate passwords for free without having us to download it as well. It provides the service that is very useful for people who always find dead end in thinking of new passwords for their accounts. You can choose criteria for your preferable password such as the length, include symbols, uppercase and many more. Once done, just click “Generate Secure Password” and your password will be displayed in the next column. Easy!
  3. Convert PDF — The most useful file converters of all and its free! There are lots of amazing conversion tools provided such as PDF to JPG, JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF and vice versa. Options such as merge and split PDF are also provided for your convenient.
  4. Free Photo Fix — Photo fixing or editing applications had always come with high fee, but it’s different with this website. We can fix our photos for free with one simple step. Simply upload your photos and it will be fixed immediately. No payment requires, no hassle. The quality is as good as getting it done from professional. Very good for beginner!

These useful tools and services are available for free and you don’t really want to miss it because it is very convenient to use. No download require nor do you need to pay extra charges for it. It is very convenient especially when you need to use it in hurry as not many of these kinds of tools are available for free.

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