Making the Most of Google Street View: Five of the Best Places to Explore

Making the Most of Google Street View: Five of the Best Places to Explore

Google Street View is truly a gift to humankind. We didn’t know that we needed it until we had it, but now we don’t know how we’d fill those long empty hours without it. From helping us navigate new cities to assisting us in tracking down our dream properties, exploring the world, and finding sights to make us chuckle, it’s one of the best boredom busters around, and helpful to boot.

Our love of it is driven by the same voyeuristic tendencies that see us glance into other people’s homes as we pass by, and explore tumbledown buildings buried deep in the woods. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next exploration, then here are five of the best places to pay a virtual visit to…


#1: HMS Ocelot

For those that would love to take a seafaring adventure, decommissioned Royal Navy submarine HMS Ocelot is a must see attraction. Located near Gillingham on the River Medway, Street View’s 360-degree cameras provide a virtual tour of this 1962 oceangoing behemoth, which is still fully furnished from its thirty years in service. How else are you ever going to step aboard a submarine?

#2: Scott’s Hut

If you fancy travelling a little further afield, then add Scott’s Hut to your list of future Street View destinations. Erected in 1911 by Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic expedition team, it nestles amongst the snowdrifts of Ross Island, amongst a landscape of towering glaciers and ethereal whiteouts. If you’re not planning to explore the area yourself, then it’s well worth visiting it via the internet.

#3: Venice

Venice is a city unlike any other, and one commonality shared by most of the population is a desire to visit its enchanting streets. Google Street View gives you the opportunity to see them first hand, detailing every inch of its narrow thoroughfares and glittering canals. Although it’s not quite the same as travelling by gondola, the ancient city’s magic is certain to captivate you.

#4: Car Showrooms

It’s always nice to find a way of satiating your hunger to feed your hobbies, and for motoring enthusiasts, there are few more exciting ways than visiting the showrooms of prestige car retailers like Ridgeway Newbury. Zoom in on the forecourt to see all of your favourite motors up close and personal. To round off the experience, you might also want to take a look at the factories of your favourite motor manufacturers, although most of the magic will happen behind closed doors.

#5: The Great Barrier Reef

Our final option is aimed at pleasing outdoor enthusiasts. Use Google Street View to dive down to the Great Barrier Reef, the clear waters surrounding it awash with marine flora and fauna. Spend the day beneath the waves, before surfacing to find yourself warm and cosy in front of your laptop.

Where will you choose to visit?

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