Improve Designing Career in 2016 with Photoshop

Improve Designing Career in 2016 with Photoshop

With the advancement of features in the newest version of Photoshop, the Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, designing has becomes easier and more detailed. With better tools to work with, it is obvious the output would be better. Your designing carrier is sure to shine in 2014 with the use on the latest Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. There is much more you can do with this latest update like:-

  1. You can now paint on the desired area more accurately as the Spot Healing Brush is no more restricted to a circle, which makes working with it easier and accurate.
  2. You need not fear the effect of a sudden accidental camera shake as now the Camera Shake Reduction feature can correct the blurred images using reverse engineering.
  3. As Creative Cloud eases sharing work between various mediums, you could now take pictures on one medium, edit those pictures on another medium and publish them in the third medium without any hassles.
  4. While trying to create bigger sized images out of smaller sized and lower quality images you can now be more confident for a better looking enlarged image with the Image size feature now being available.
  5. While trying to emphasise on a particular portion of the image, the Radial Gradient tool now is friendlier and allows you to create subtle effects or emphasise more on one particular portion of the image.
  6. The Print Size option which went missing in the Photoshop CS6 is available now in the View menu.
  7. The Upright tool makes it easy to adjusting perspective and straightening images.
  8. With the free portfolio on Behance which you get with purchasing Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, you get to compare you work with reputed designers in the global industry. You get a lot of chance to learn from their work, share your work, basically be aware of the trends in the Designing industry.
  9. Working on larger images or panoramas was never easier. But now with the latest Photoshop, your designing work becomes easier with specifically designed tools being available.
  10. Nondestructive smart filters are now possible with Adobe Camera Raw. You could easily work on different editing’s in different layers like adjust colouring in one layer, increase clarity in another layer or reduce noise on the third layer.
  11. The 3D painting experience is really awesome. You could let your creativity loose with this wonderful function and bring the ideas out the very way you want them with assistance from the latest Photoshop

More Opportunities to avail in 2014 for Professional Designers

In 2014 companies, freelance hiring companies and individuals will be in search of more professional designers to get new higher levels they can achieve. In this case your skill improvement will become necessary in order to get accepted quickly. So, in my openion being certified from Adobe will be a great thing you can do right now.

The new improved Adobe Photoshop’s version will surely head you to a brighter career in the coming 2014 with many more wonderful features added to the update. To help your designing career shine in 2014, contribute a great deal in helping you achieve the Adobe Photoshop Certification by lending a hand to your learning with the practice tests available on Adobe Photoshop Certification.


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