How to Create Impressive Videos with Movavi Video Suite

How to Create Impressive Videos with Movavi Video Suite

When you first start to think about creating videos and sharing them online, it may seem like a monumental task. While recording video footage can be done through various means using devices that you probably own such as smartphones or digital cameras, processing that footage by editing and improving it is often a lot more complicated.

The good news is if you are looking for an ‘all-in-one’ video making software that will give you everything you need, Movavi Video Suite will be the ideal choice. It has an extensive selection of features that can help you make a video that is really impressive enough to be published and shared online.

Record the Raw Footage

To start to create your video the first thing that you’ll need is the raw footage. If you want you could record it using a digital camera or smartphone, and subsequently load it into Movavi Video Suite to be processed.

Alternatively, Movavi Video Suite includes some tools that can help you to record the raw footage that you need from scratch. It will enable you to grab videos directly from your screen using screen capture, or record them via a webcam if you prefer. Furthermore, you could even digitize any analog videos such as VHS tapes if you have them in that format.

Process and Enhance the Video

With the raw footage that you’ve recorded loaded into the software, you can start to process and enhance it. The first thing that you should do is to produce a cut of the final video which can be done by using Movavi Video Suite to cut your raw footage into segments, remove the parts that you don’t need, and piece together the ones that you do in the sequence that you require.

Once that is done, you can use Movavi Video Suite to also enhance the video quality and fix any issues that may arise such as blurry, shaky or pixelated images. If part of the video is truly unusable, you can always re-record that segment and replace it by once again cutting your video into segments, deleting the part you don’t need, and replacing it with the new footage.

Polish the Video

To make your video look more attractive, you can then use Movavi Video Suite to give it some polish. The software has a collection of special effects, animated transitions and filters that can be used for just that purpose and will give your video some flair.

All that you need to do is apply these features tastefully, and your video should start to look a lot more professional. In fact, you could also add some background music, customizable text, and other elements with just a few clicks too. When you’re satisfied – save the video and you’ll be good to go.

It really is that easy to create impressive videos with Movavi Video Suite – which is testament to the software itself. Once you start to use it you’ll be able to intuitively put its features to work, and it won’t be long before you’ve created your very own first video.


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