Get Paid For Each Click With An Approval From Google Adsense

Get Paid For Each Click With An Approval From Google Adsense

If you are willing to earn an extra income along with your salary; earning money thorough blogs and post can be a good option and you can take help of  MageNet site for the same. You are just needed to have some basic knowledge of blogging or making a website or you can take the help of a professional for that. Once you are done with the making of the website, you can go for the best suitable way for site to earn money. If you have no idea about the same, I am here to help you with the popular ways to earn money online.

Make PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most popular ways to earn money online today. As it is clear by name, through PPC, you will get paid for every click made by the visitors on your website. Google adsense is a program developed for publishers and advertisers and provides a much needed platform for entrepreneurs or amateur business owners to make money in an easy and convenient way. First of all you are expected to create an account with Google adsense for your website and then your website goes for a review by Google to test it on the various parameters to decide the worth of a website for the visitors.

Once the website is approved by the search engine, it generates a specific code for the identification of your website. After you have got the code, you are supposed to place that code on your website and as the code is placed on the website, Google will start displaying the contextual ads for your website. For example, if your website is about beauty tips; the ads for eye-liners, nail-prints, face packs etc will be displayed on the sidebar through Google adsense. As a visitor clicks on the ad, you will get paid for every click. Usually the pricing for each click varies to $0.5 to $5, but you can earn much more as your website gets higher traffic.

But it is never easy to get your site approved by the number one search engine, Google; and you have to meet various quality criteria for the same. You are supposed to post high quality content on your website that exist nowhere on the internet as posting copied or scrapped content may make Google consider your website as content copycat and it might not get approved from the Google adsense. Another thing is to have informative and useful content on the website. You should post the content that has some substantial value and visitors should get benefitted from. Also there should be a good number of posts on the website. You should post at least 50 Posts on your website related to the niche of your website. Also, the relevancy of the content to the niche of the website is very import. The content posted on the website should be contextual to the niche of the website and the readers of the website should get a clear idea what the content talks about.


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