Evaluating Your Sales Team

Evaluating Your Sales Team

Managing a sales team is a big job. not only are you responsible for making sure that the company is being well represented, you are also accountable for the sales that your team brings in each month. If you are not sure which team members are excelling and which need more help, here are some ways you can evaluate your team for better sales numbers in the future.

Know Your Stats

Without knowing the numbers, you can’t fully evaluate your team. The numbers that you need go beyond closed sales. You will need to track stats such as the number of cold calls made, how many potential clients your team met with and how they are upselling to existing clients. These stats should be provided in regular reports to the whole team so that you can brainstorm new ways to get better numbers next month.

Set Clear Goals

Another way to help evaluate your team is by setting the right goals. These goals should not only benefit the business, but should be attainable for any hardworking salesperson to achieve. Bigger sales goals should have a set of milestones that each salesperson can meet, which will help you as the manager understand where your sales team is working hard and where they can improve their sales techniques.

Using the Right Assessment for New Hires

When you are just starting to build a team, you need to have a way to tell which candidates are most likely to succeed in your industry’s sales environment. A salesperson assessment test can help you evaluate a variety of criteria, including who will help reduce your sales team turnover, how they can meet the expectations of the job title and decrease the amount of time it takes to be a top earner on the team. These assessments can also be used for your current team to help build an individual coaching plan that will encourage them to bring their best every single day.

These are just some of the ways that you can help to evaluate your sales team. With the right information, you can come up with the best ways to motivate and initiate your team to reach higher than ever before.


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