Comfort and Productivity at the Office -You Can Have Both

Comfort and Productivity at the Office -You Can Have Both

You’re at your desk at least eight hours a day. Since you spend most of your daily time at work than anywhere else, why not equip yourself with some essentials that will not only help keep you healthy and comfortable, but also keep your productivity in high gear?

Back Support

Sitting in the best possible position for your back and body alignment can make the difference between feeling healthy and full of energy or exhausted and achy. Ideally, you would have the most perfectly ergonomic chair available for your body. When that’s not possible, a good back supporter for your chair is the next best thing. They provide great lumbar support and keep your hips, back and neck in proper alignment, allowing you to sit up straight and keep working, focused and comfortable, for hours. This product is commonly used in office environments; especially in a call center and IT support company.


Gel Mat

If you stand a lot at work, a gel mat might just be your best friend. It’s hard on your back, legs and feet to stand on hard floors all day, especially if you’re not lucky enough to wear athletic shoes to work. A gel mat provides a stable surface to stand and walk on, but cushions the pressure and impact on your joints and muscles. You’ll be able to get more done, more quickly, without being distracted by sore feet, tired legs or a backache.

Desk Lamp

Having the proper lighting at your workstation is crucial. A desk lamp provides adequate illumination and avoids eye strain that often comes with typical office lighting, which can be either too harsh or too dim. The appropriate amount and quality of lighting as you read, work at your computer, or conduct meetings helps you avoid headache or a sore neck as you strain to see clearly. You’ll be able to work more quickly and efficiently when you can see well. You’ll also avoid the eye rubbing that is so irritating, not to mention wrinkle causing.

Tower Fan

If you often find your office or cubicle on the warm or stuffy side, having a good fan is a great way to feel better immediately. Tower fans are quiet, and circulate air in a gentle but effective way so as not to blow paperwork around. They also easily tuck away in an unobtrusive area while still giving effective air movement and comfort. Feeling cool and comfortable is an easy way to keep you focused and feeling positive

Hands Free Headset

Balancing a phone between your shoulder and ear can be uncomfortable. Headsets are a great option that can remove tension and improve your posture. Having a hands free headset will also help you sound more in control and confident during your conference calls and customer interactions.

Many of these products are easily found at affordable prices on Amazon. It is important that you be your best, most productive self. Keeping your body healthy and comfortable as you do your work is one of the best ways to make sure you get the job done every day.

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