CES 2016: The Excitement Begins This Week

CES 2016: The Excitement Begins This Week

Around the world, the growing excitement about the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 has generated media speculation about likely new products scheduled to premier this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual trade show this year expects to showcase the efforts of over 3,000 companies. It is expected for many high tech companies, nerds, technology aficionados, and IT consulting LA firms to attend the event.

What exciting new products in the exhibit hall will interest consumers? Experts predict some very popular innovations:

Robots And Drones

Some 27 firms plan to display new drone technologies. Many of these products will likely present strategies for combining photography and digital technology with drones. Robotics in general will also draw many exhibitors, including a presentation by JETRO, the Japan Innovation Showcase. JETRO has developed a new robot for use in disaster relief missions.

Wearable Technology

Some experts suspect that Internet-connected accessories and clothing items will continue to offer fertile ground for innovators at the CES. Combining LED lights with fashions and monitoring fitness through shoes and other wearable gear interest numerous fitness authorities today.

Motor Vehicle Electronics

One exciting new automotive electronic development scheduled to premier as the CES concerns the development of a wireless charging device for electric cars by WiTricity. Additionally, Chevrolet may premier a version of the Bolt, an electrified vehicle with a reported 200-mile roaming capacity. It reportedly costs less than many gasoline-consuming competitors.


Virtual Reality Products

Three large companies will rank amongst the more than 40 exhibitors displaying new electronic virtual reality and gaming technologies. Excitement surrounds the Oculus Rift, the HTV Vive and the PlayStation VR. With rapid recent advances in this field during the past few months, consumers may also welcome some additional surprises in this area this year.


Some experts predict sophisticated new television sets will premiere at the 2016 CES. Long a popular consumer items, TV’s with enhanced display capabilities and large screens continue to generate interest.

Internet-Connected Homes

As more manufacturers search for ways to connect computers and home appliances, platforms such as SmartThings by Samsung and HomeKit by Apple have attracted interest. Expect many companies at 2016 CES to present electronic products helping to automate various home features using these, and similar, technologies. The ability to connect homes and businesses to the Internet and to seamlessly automate many daily tasks offers potentially lucrative rewards for creative tech designers.

Non-Automotive Mobility

The ongoing popularity of automated skateboards and hover boards will likely continue this year, too. Reportedly, Inboard will demonstrate a new type of skateboard with electrified wheels. Other companies also plan to present some interesting new mobility technologies.

An Exciting Time of Year

The annual consumer electronics trade show often reflects new design and engineering trends in technology fields. The trade show will attract a lot of interest this year!

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