BlackBerry Venice

BlackBerry Venice

The blackberry CEO has confirmed the many photos and videos of the upcoming device that is planning on bringing the company back to spotlight, Blackberry Venice. The mobile device will be running Android Lollipop. It is rumored to be fully android, no more glitches and limitations.


The phone is expected to combine the best of blackberry and the best of Android. It might continue with the BB hub, and the swipe features beloved in BB10.

Other features will be:

  • The tap to wake feature.
  • Blackberry global search.
  • A light skinned version of stock Android.
  • A slightly curved display.
  • A slide-out keyboard with the tactile and capacitive touch


It is anticipated to feature high-end specs. The market segment it will compete in features the likes of LG G4 and Galaxy 6. Blackberry must bring out as many features as possible to keep itself on the market.

The new Blackberry is rumored to sport:

  • 4-inch Quad-HD display.
  • Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor that features two Cortex A57 cores and four Cortex A53 cores.
  • Adreno 418 GPU
  • An 18MP camera with OIS and a selfie 5Mp.

Blackberry Venice


Blackberry offers the best physical keyboard in the market. It’s also legendary for its encryption security system that has seen it became the device of choice for presidents. Combining these two features in a well-designed smartphone running Android is a killer market move. It may be the right recipe the company needs to get back on its feet. The company is a respected IT support vendor. Selling and maintaining its software for governments and enterprises.

Release Date

On Friday 25th of September, it was officially announced that Blackberry was releasing an Android phone to be named BlackBerry Priv. Priv because of blackberries heritage of protecting its customer’s privacy. Expected release date is any time in November 2015.


With a spec sheet as this, we don’t expect it to come cheap. The CEO did not confirm nor deny the pricy image of the product. Its price may be anywhere northwards of $600.


The planned release of a Blackberry device will undoubtedly make the smartphone market more competitive. There is no doubt blackberry has what it takes to recapture its lost market share. With the features it promises to offer, blackberry may be relevant again. Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG look out for the new blackberry device!

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