Between Variscite and NXP – The Imx6 Processor’s New Look

Between Variscite and NXP – The Imx6 Processor’s New Look

Variscite is a company dedicated for development  and manufacturing of innovative and reliable  embedded-solutions. Our technical experts design a variety of LEGO based architecture which helps them have a add on facility to be expanded anytime during the designing phase, System On Modules based on leading System on Chip producers such as TI, Marvell, and  Freescale. This company have a pool of more than 1500 customers in over 50 countries worldwide, delivering a finance effective, more reliable and high performance portfolio that combines interface diversity and with advanced power management. A reliable company of development and consultation services for a variety of embedded platforms, this company has an art of converting clients’ visions into meaningful products with rationality in the System on Chip technology.

Imx6 Processor's

The NXP association with company as developing Partner Program is considered to be an extremely comprehensive platform for embedded solutions and designs based on NXP solutions offering software, technology, key tools, software, and technical services related and required for the solution to be versatile and flexible for future uses. Its debut in the industry by joining NXP’s global network of hand-picked Proven Partner companies, securing  a leadership position for several number of years in the embedded board solution market, like System on Chip and System on Modules.

System on Modules and Single board Computers is the main fleet of Variscite’s development and manufacturing with  a powerful range and reliability in the product, frequently setting market benchmarks in terms of speed along with the  innovatively appealing products into embedded board solution market.

The VAR-SOM-MX6 System-on-Module is one of the most diversified embedded platforms. The System on Module supports NXP’s iMX6 Dual, Quad, Solo and Dual Lite processors, with a variance into the system  processing speed grades, working temperature ranges, memory sizes and interfaces.

The company has recently expanded the VAR-SOM-MX6 software support to include the latest Windows Compact Embedded 2013 and Linux Yocto v4.1 Dora operating systems. This above development further improves product’s already features and enriches development platforms with more flexibility and user pool, providing both Windows and Linux developers with the latest operating system for the company’s iMX6 solutions.

Ofer Austerlitz, VP of Business Development and Sales at Variscite, expressed affiliation to the program, “Variscite is honored to join the NXP Proven Partner program and be counted amongst the exclusive list of NXP’s embedded board solution providers. Introducing the WEC2013 and Yocto into our iMX6-based products and services portfolio proves again our commitment to our customers and partners to deliver the latest and most advanced hardware and software solutions in the System-on-Module industry.”

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