Are Bike Couriers Still Needed?

Are Bike Couriers Still Needed?

Who to Call for a Same City Delivery?

When you are in a city and you need something delivered fast the question is always who to call. It doesn’t make sense to go the post office and wait for several days until it gets delivered and it doesn’t make sense to call a parcel service that is going to charge an outrageous amount for such a small task.

That is why people call bike couriers; they are definitely still needed and important!

Unimpeded Same Day Delivery

One main reason as to why bike couriers are still needed is because they offer unimpeded same day delivery as long as the destination of the item is in the same city as the location of origin. When something needs to be delivered fast, as in within hours of sending it off, it makes sense to call a bike courier.

Bike Couriers are the only ones that will literally come take the package out of your hands and deliver it straight to the destination. Mail services always waste time organizing, storing, and doing other useless activities.

Specific Needs

Next, bike couriers are still needed because in some cases the client or destination requires original signed documents that have not been photocopied, scanned, faxed, or tampered ith in any other way. The best way to get these original documents from point A to point B, and doing so in a timely manner, is by using a bike courier.

Benefits to People and the Environment

Furthermore bike couriers are still needed in today’s society because not everybody can afford a car, the license, gas, or the insurance. A very big part of this is the license; to be a delivery agent for most parcel service you require a license to drive a car and yet many people don’t have a license, therefore it makes sense to have delivery done by bicycle. Another good point that goes along with this is that our world in general is becoming more and more polluted. Bike couriers are needed to mitigate and offset the emissions given off by automated and fossil fuel driven courier services such as vans and cars.


Not only does it give people without a license the opportunity to still be a courier but it comes down to providing jobs. In a world of automation many people are losing their jobs to machines; bicycle courier jobs provide employment for people, employment that really can’t be replaced by machines, and employment that economies and societies need to survive. A machine can simply not deliver items as fast as a bike courier.

Speed and Versatility

Moreover a bike courier can deliver things much faster than any other service could deliver them because a bicycle is far more maneuverable in the city than a car is. A bicycle can ride almost everywhere in the city and do so virtually unimpeded and unaffected by traffic and other such variables.

No Parking, No Fees

Another reason as to why bike couriers are still needed and very important is because vehicles must often pay expensive parking fees which companies have to pay for; ultimately this would affect the price that the customers pay. Bicycles on the other hand can simply be locked up on the side all and no parking fees have to be paid; it just makes things easier and cheaper.

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